Long time no see. I've not been idle in my absence. Here's a smidge of proof. I bought some of the winter-gear late-war Germans from Warlord way back last year some time, and have been slowly working on them. I also got one of those nice free sprues with a recent Wargames Illustrated. Have a look at some Allies having fun in the sun while the Axis chill out. Boom-boom.

I've yet to add snow to the Germans' bases. By and by I'll get up some photos of the rest of the reduced platoon of Winter Germans I have. The Brits are going to augment some Copplestone WWI Sikh infantry and some Renegade Miniatures WWI Scots.

As you may surmise, my gaming group isn't too harsh about historical accuracy. Truth be told, the Germans above are pretty likely to end up trying to raise great Cthulhu from his submarine entombment rather than counter-attack the US army in the Battle of the Bulge. Speaking of which, I repainted a Copplestone figure of late, who has been christened Major Rachmaninov in our games. Enjoy him, too. :)