Its no secret that I really like Tabletop World.  I'm super excited that they are doing a new line of Heroic scale "modular" buildings.

The demise of the old square base 20mm=human standard made me look at what to plan for in future. The current poplar base size is a 30mm round lip base which is more like a 35 mm.  This has a huge impact on terrain bits, like this one,  that were scaled around 20mm standards. 

I'm still putting stuff on 20mm squares but I also have interest in the new size bases and the associated games so... looks like I'll be going down that rabbit hole anyway!
 This is not quite complete.  I'm packing for a move of house and many of the finer details... like seagulls and hanging fish, have been left off while others like the dock rails and fish hoist are stuck on with Blue Tac.  There are enough fiddly bits on this that I may end up doing magnets to attach the parts most likely to be knocked off during handling... but that is not today!

You can see the differences between the first picture, where I used models with 20mm square bases and the following pictures with 25mm rounds.  The newer style skirmish and RPG bases are even larger so I think it'll be worth the effort to update some buildings to have larger interior spaces.
 The 'for scale' models here are (top) from the Bruegleburg: A day at the fair from Lead Adventurers and the rest from The Order of Vampire Hunters board game.

As with all the Tabletop World stuff the interior is detailed and fully accessible.
 Some of the smaller detail bits. 
House second floor.
 Roof with integrated balcony door.  The new line will feature operating doors and view through windows.  Many of the new game systems use some version of true line of sight that is a bit stymied by these solid windows and permanently closed doors.
Blue roof weathering.
The Order of Vampire Hunters Cain, Dallas, and Ash from the Kickstarter Exclusives.

Lots more to get done before the pack out so back to the desk!