Hello everyone!! It has been a super long time since I posted.  The Army has sat for a while and I haven't had a game in nearly two years.  But like every good hobby, 40K has come back full circle and I am wanting to work on my Praetorians again.  Just to get the juices flowing I started with a few conversions.

The first is my final decision for Plasma Gunner which I never posted after I reached out for opinions.  Unfortunately there are no WIP pics but you should be able to figure it out from the primed model.  It's base is a flamer model.  I trimmed the nozzel and just above the left hand, keeping the grip.  Then I trimmed a plasma pistol and it slotted in place very nicely.
Plasma Gunner converted from Flamer.  It is a really good fit and should look nice painted up.

Rear view.  These are part of my Veteran Squads and have backpacks from Victoria Lamb.
Next are my snipers.  This was a super easy conversion.  I just snipped the barrel off the gun in front of the left hand and just below the sight.  I snipped a ten-penny nail to a lenght I thought was aesthetically pleasing and just glued it on.  It is a little fragile but I am hoping after painting and varnishing it will hold pretty well.

I like that the head of the nail gives it a muzzle. 
These will be painted in the same green with red trim as my Ratling Snipers

The last conversions are some Regimental Standard Bearers.  The traditional standard bearer is good and he will be carry the Emperor's Colors, but his pose is too static and I didn't want a bunch of them in my army.  I used the following figures because they were more dynamic.  For the model on the right I clipped the right hands of the old standard bearer and the new model and just glued it on.  For the one on the left I just trimmed the top and bottom off the banner and glued it to the fist of the model.  These will be my "Company Standard" Bearers.
Company Standard Bearers

The enemy will never see them from this angle!
And last but not least is a photo of my new army.  They say go big or go home.  This is a 2000 point all infantry army.  As you can see only about 1/3 of it is painted.  It is a little bit of a daunting task, but I think it will look awesome when complete.  Feel free to give comments and suggestions.  Here's to new blogs.... Cheers.
Some of the Emperor's Finest Footsloggers!!