It's been a bit of a rough patch over the last month or so, with a death in the family and huge deadlines and drifting piles of work eating up almost all of my hobby time. That said, we did manage to get some Necromunda in here and there and I figured it was high time to get at least something up on the blog this month...

The second session of the Sump City Showdown in late October included one of my favorite scenarios from the 1st edition, The Hunt for the Great White One! A group of hunters sets out on skiffs across the great gunk sea in a bid to kill and collect the lucrative gemmed eyes of the monstrous sump spiders.

The sump spiders all got cards which were shuffled into a deck, with the Great White One being added in the bottom half of the cards. Each turn a few more spiders would be drawn, with the players never quite knowing when the mother of all spiders would erupt from the gunk and start wreaking havoc!


The table was primarily covered in gunk, with a few small islands and a couple buildings to offer refuge. It being around Halloween, there was plenty of fake spider webbing, which added to the theme nicely.


The players got stuck in straight away, firing a few desultory shots at each other before the spiders became a much larger threat and the group found themselves working together (mostly) to survive!


Before too long however, the Great White One arrived and began taking revenge on the hunters!

What started as a nice hunt turned into a rout rather quickly, with the various gangs doing their best to escape of the table edges with their loot before being dragged to the bottom of the sump by the wicked talons and fangs of the mighty spider queen! All in all a very fun scenario!


As per the usual, I set up a few other tables for gangs to fight over, and actually managed to play a few games myself! In the previous campaign I was solely acting as the arbitrator so never got to actually play. Of course, that means I'm not getting as many pictures as I would otherwise like...

A recurring theme in our recent games have been gangers plummeting to their deaths (or at least to their horribly lasting injuries), and this table was no exception. Could be argued that this scenario should have been called "It's raining men". Hah!


A little tunnel skirmish between the Council of Crows and PT Barnacle's Scavvy Cavalcade turned into an utter rout for the Tzeentch cult. When there's a dozen or more plague zombies, scalies and mutants bearing down on you, even the Changer of the Ways suggests running for your lives!

We just ran another session this past weekend but I still need to go through and collate the pictures, and in the meantime I'm putting together the plans for the December session, wherein the underhivers will be celebrating Fistmas!