After a real-life visit from papa nurgle ran its course thru all six of us, delaying the conclusion of our Good vs Evil match for a few weeks, we finally have a winner...

Gabe's Tau surround the end-game objective
Tau! Gabe wisely moved his Riptide forward to box me out early and I just wasn't able to shift him after that, nor remove that final wound! I thought I could bring it down by turn 4, then move my warriors up from the ruin to score... but the Good was too much to overcome.

I should have committed the Incubi to engage the Riptide

I am so impressed by Gabe and how much he has flourished with all aspects of the hobby in just the last few months! He's pretty much memorized his unit's stats and he understands the basic game mechanics, but he really leveled-up his movement game in this one.

And my goodness, he painted the majority of his beautiful Tau army in one weekend, just before he turned 8! 👀

He came up with this color scheme entirely on his own, down to every detail on the base which perfectly compliments his color choices...

Like, I came home from work one day and he had built & painted all of his Tau models to this standard! I was like "WOW!" then speechless!! I've really gotten out of the habit of posting but I've got one in the works that will feature better pics of Gabe's amazingly painted first army. He's also really taken to setting up mini dioramas in the game room or his bedroom which are always fun to discover 😄

We've already got a grudge match underway and this time Drazhar came out to support his brethren with those tasty new Phoenix Rising abilities... It's a little early to call but I think big D in a raider full of Incubi have some play in them now 😉

Till next time!