Due to some sort of system glitch or perhaps just great timing, I managed to get The Nine really cheaply. It took me some time to get them all put together and undercoated, but finally put in some effort and managed to do one a day last week. They're pretty easy, really, as there's not a lot of colour and most of the detail is black cloth or armour.

Anyway, it's something I've wanted for ages! Some were metal, some were finecast. I really prefer the metal. Scary if you drop them, but the sculpts were really nice.

First some group shots, here they are all on horseback.

And if, for some reason, their horses are dispatched of, they look pretty cool on foot too!

The Betrayer - I painted him in the same colours as my Haradrim, but muted with lots of black wash. I quite like the wicker armour on the horse too. 

The Dark Marshal - A straightforward very dark paint scheme with a hint of gold on some parts of the armour. I've tried to keep the armour pretty muted so it's still dark.

The Dwimmerlaik - Just lots of darkness and a hint of a metal mask. 

Khamul the Easterling - I've made sure that there are hints of golden armour amongst the darkness. The horse I have really low to the ground, charging forward.

The Knight of Umbar - I've added just a hint of dark blue to some of the trappings on the horse.

The Shadow Lord - I used a slightly browner highlight here. I'm not a fan of the on foot version, my son and I think it looks like he's in the middle of a dance party - put your hands in the air!

The Tainted - with a greenish tint and I used some watered down glue to make the dry grass on the base wilted and bent away from him.

The Undying One - Given his wizardliness I added a dark purple scarf. I quite like the on foot pose, I aimed the staff in line with his outstretched hand to make it look like he's casting a spell right at someone in front of him.

The Witch King of Angmar - last and far from least, he's got just a slight hint of purple, a flaming sword and plenty of dark metal. The flaming sword looks much nicer in real life, much redder. The blade snapped (stupid finecast) so I had to reattach it but just added a bit of flame and it's all good.