For our next misson, we played the old Mirkwood spider attack. This has four spiders that attack for 9 rounds. When you kill a spider, a new one just takes its place!

I only have one Mirkwood spider model (though I just bought another I need to paint) so we have one Mirkwood and three giant spiders. 

This mission has traditionally either been a complete slaughter of the battle company or an xp pinata of spiders. They have powerful attacks, but awful defence and the Elves have great fight values for winning ties.

Round one goes very well for the elves, with shooting and heroes taking out three of the four spiders!

On the next round Ithil-galad takes out the Mirkwood spider on the charge.

Three giant spiders attack the other side of the camp and some wounds are added, but they aren't slain.

On the next round the wounded spiders are dispatched, Rochon the knight charges at the next Mirkwood spider, but Cyll the Sentinel is taken out by the poisoned fangs of a green giant spider!

Ithil-galad charges her horse, Legrinsul, at the green spider to avenge the Sentinel, Rochon charges the Mirkwood spider to smash it to bits and more wounds are placed on the giant spiders.

Still more spiders appear and although one is killed by Celeb-galadh, another manages to shred Telegan!

On the other side of the clearing, Ithil-galad and her team remove yet another Mirkwood spider, while Rist bravely holds off a green giant spider.

Ecthel-galadh is taken out by an orange scuttler, hile Thaun and Celeb-galadh hold back yet another Mirkwood spider.

Ithil-galadh spurs Legrinsul off to take a wound from a purple spider, but Rochon and Rist are sent to the ground by a green spider!

The numbers of the elves are thinning with still a few turns to go! Fortunately the mirkwood spider is crushed by Celeb-galadh and Brethil, though Tirith and Tawar just manage to deflect the blows of an orange spider.

Ithil-galad flattens her opponent, while Col-galadh and Thaun manage to get a wound on the green spider.

The green spider is finally defeated by a combined effort with Ithil-galad charging in.

On the other side of the clearing more elves are just holding on, getting a wound on the mirkwood spider and holding off the other giant spider.

And, phew, the spiders have had enough and all scurry away!

It was looking pretty nasty there, lots of elves went down! However, apart from Telegan the sentinel (who is going to have to miss the next game) all of the injury rolls were full recoveries!

The end tally was Ithil-galad with 9 wounds on spiders! And almost all of the other elves got at least two wounds on spiders as well, so they did really well! This led to many advancements and ability upgrades!

For example, Brethil is now a knight, Ithil-galad now has devastating charge, Col-galadh has Burly, Thaun is now an Expert Shot and a new knight also joined the company. Two more sets of throwing daggers were added to the armoury!

The company is now worth a whopping 285 points! We're looking forward to me painting up a few new models so we can play with them again!