The Beastcaller and his minions are back and ready to plunder some treasure! This was one of those interesting missions where you roll dice to see where your troops enter the board and so there is quite a lot of randomness inherent. The Beastcaller is up against a far more numerous goblin force and the game is all about getting more models on the bridge with the treasure at the end of the game (when one force is reduced to 25% of its starting model count).

Right off the bat (pun intended) one solitary goblin archer who rolled poorly for his battlefield placement is taken out.

A far more numerous goblin force closes in on the Beastcaller, though the extra speed from the warg mount makes it much easier! Goblin archers fire away! But hit nothing.

And some bats are already checking out the potential spoils.

Calling a heroic move with his only point of might, the Beastcaller manages to dodge around a goblin ambush and take out a speargoblin while the nearby giant spider also removes a goblin from the game.

By flying bats into small spaces, they soak up goblin hits while the other beasts claim more goblin lives.

The goblin archers continue to pelt shots at any creature that emerges to stand near the treasure.

The Mirkwood spider entangles the goblin leader in webs while the green spider and two bat swarms inflict further casualties.

And down on the ground even more goblins are dying to the high strength scores of the monsters.

But what's this? Another goblin swarm climbs up behind the treasure! With only one bat swarm there, if two goblins can get to the bridge when the game ends, they'll win!

In a remarkable feat of dice rolling, the goblin leader disentangles himself from the spider webs, is attacked by a giant spider and the mirkwood spider, beats them off and causes a wound on each one!

Unfortunately his comrades are nowhere near as effective as they fall to numerous attacks!

And on the following turn the goblin force is broken, the goblin leader is killed and all but two of the other goblins run away!

But the two remaining goblins are soooooo close to getting on the bridge, if they can get past the bats they'll at least get a tie! But they don't.

The Beastcaller pack wins, though it seemed very one-sided, it came down to the very last turn for the actual victory! Another warg and a giant rat joins the pack!