Well, Hedger was injured and left at camp with Geleth and Monty while the others headed off shopping and stuff. And wouldn't you know it, along comes Mur'Baj's battle company - and they have a cave troll!

In this mission I start with three guys in the middle of the map, with the enemy battle company close by and the rest of the team only coming on from the far edge. If I can reduce the incoming goblins to 50% I win, if they knock out Hedger, they win!

And we're off to a good start! Geleth shoots one of the goblin archers!

And the rest of the team hussles in (at slow speed for the dwarves and even slower speed for the hobbits!) In round 2 Geleth uses one of his sneaky elvish songs to compel the leader of the company out onto the rickety bridge, and Hedger then makes a great shot to take him out! Cookie races ahead on his pony!

Monty the dwarf holds fast behind the ancient doors, while goblins attack!

Geleth sings another verse to his song and makes the cave troll run in the wrong direction, meanwhile Hedger is only a short way in front of a conga-line of goblin troops!

Cookie manages to hold off a goblin blackshield, Monty similarly repels two goblin attackers.

From above you can see that the magpie is lending some assistance here (allowing Monty to get a re-roll).

Hedger's new ability to move as well as shoot means that the following horde is being whittled down, but he's not out of the woods yet - literally or figuratively!

Cookie and Loki take out the blackshield, Monty continues to hold off the other two goblins.

Hedger is now at the rivers edge and will have to leap to the central island, the troll and remaining goblins are closing in!

With both Loki, Skodi and Cookie taking on goblins, another falls! It's getting close to 50% of the goblin force...

And Hedger has successfully made the leap to the little central island. The hobbits all throw stones and shoot arrows at the goblins, but fail to knock any of them out.

And on the next turn, the dwarves and cookie get the final kill required and secure the numbers necessary for a win!

But in a totally bizarre twist, two goblins leap over to the small island and beat Hedger's duelling rolls and then get a wound past his fate as well! Hedger falls! It's a tie!!!

At the end of the match Hedger receives a permanent leg wound, which slows him down to dwarf speed. A new dwarf, Archie the ranger, joins the company and Cookie again gets the mini of the match! 

Two of the three goblin heroes as well as the blackshield will be missing their next mission, but they're joined by another goblin blackshield to help pick up the slack.