Work in progress.

Progress from part-1 has been slow, but there has been progress nevertheless!

First off, I got the model primed last week. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal but the overly wet season, here in the mountains, has made finding the optimal conditions for priming a bit challenging.

I found a very inspiring pic online of a WIP of a Blood Angel Executioner that I feel in love with, so I went with those colors. I posted that inspiring pic on the Neverness Hobbies Facebook Group but decided not to post it here as I don't know who to properly credit. Regardless of all that, red is the color I am running with.


The base coat for this red is Khorne Red. My thinking for the next stage is to wash the reds in a thinned Brown or Chestnut Ink, then reapply Khorne Red and build up the colors from there.

Dude, just ignore those guys in the background, they're jerks!

So, yeah, not much progress, but progress all the same!

Those of you participating in the challenge, please send me your updates when you can. Thanks again!