Greetings! As the title states there is about a
week left before the Inquisitors settle into their meeting chamber, seal the door and begin their conclave. Emperor know what they'll talk about when they do...

A brief recap: what's going on here is a painting challenge for August 2020 to simply paint an Inquisitor. Some folks are doing more than one and some are also including retinues. Over the past week or so some participants have sent me updates.

Da Masta Cheef finished his mini and stated the following: "Sorry for the delay, Oblivi’Anna is complete. Will try to work on her retinue this week. The helmet on her base is in the colors of the Red Corsairs."

It's interesting because Cheef has owned at least two Red Corsair forces since I have known him. Maybe three?

Oblivi’Anna, looking rad as Hell itself. 

Jorus Ryloth, Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos was sent in by Jon at 1stlegionchronicles.  I'm digging how this miniature has turned out.

Thebob sent me his update with the following text: "Not a lot of progress made yet unfortunately. I'm planning on doing more on her in the coming week. Have to decide some color choices still too".

For myself, well, I'm getting there!

So excited he can't keep himself together!