Last year I painted Knosso Prond, a Death Cult Assassin. I was quite pleased with her and wanted to paint the older metal Death Cult Assassins, which I have now done. Their paint scheme is entirely based off of the Knosso Prond miniature from last year, and you can review that post to see what inspired that paint job. 

Here they are in their prepared state, waiting for their priming. I made the first one sort of simple, just a few skulls kicking around her base. 

This next one I decided to make it xenos themed, with an ork skull and some abandoned ork gear. 

I used the exact method I used last year on Ms. Prond. The major difference is that Ms. Prond wasn't covered in paper, a trend in GW miniatures that I think is ridiculous, but it has been ongoing for 20+ years now. 

WIP shot

WIP shot.

Here are their glamor shots, not much to say other than to let their pictures do the talking:


Left side.

Right side.

Left side

Right side.

One of the things that is obvious while working on them is that they are somewhat tiny. The are taller than the guardsmen miniatures of the time but then they are fully stretched vs. a Guardsman's crouched stance. Hold them up to Ms. Prond, their (older?) sister, and they look like young girls compared to her

Knosso Prond and her Death Cult sisters. 

Finalky I sprayed matte liqueur on them since they are metal and can chip fairly easily.. And now for the customary natural lighting shots:

Ork debris can be found anywhere.

Artsy portfolio shot.

Thanks for checking out this year's edition, I think next year I might go back to the more powerful Imperial Assassins... but I do have another blister of these in metal and the temptation to double up this unit is pretty strong. We'll see about it then!