What is up folks?  How you been, long time no share.  Here are some pics of a base that I put together for a commission.



Isn't it weird that even as adults, and I use that term loosely, we still have this desire to delve into arts and crafts.  Besides work and our day to day tasks we need to exercise that other side of our brain that wants us to explore things that are handed to us everyday.  The older we get the more we have to seek out on purpose.  To create something, no matter how mundane, and hopefully have fun.  Creativity!


A quick walk outside, maybe 20 seconds and found this wonderful piece of nature.

A quick assembly of tool(s).  Two of these three tools are not helpful.  Blooper pics inc.

Hmm, how do I make some sort of twisted metal?  An idea!

I knew there was a reason for holding on to all of those GW sprues.

A point and strike is useful for melting plastic together.

Burning the plastic sprues, attempt to always burn downwind if you don't want some cancer later.  Melting the plastic together is much better than superglue, if you ask me.  Watching the way the plastic melted after administering fire, he he fire (get it?), the plastic worked together so much better than expected and actually said "You can't beat random."  As a buddy of mine says "and we have a title."

As always when you think 3 mins at the painters bench turns into repeating that song your iPod many times an hour has gone by.  So much for "only" 3 mins.  Some drybrushing of Vermin Brown.

Time to paint the other things on the base.  Ironbreaker for the sprue/twisted metal and Dawnstone for the bark/rocks.


Drybrushed Vermin Brown on the rocks and metal that happen to have some earth on them.

Ah, yes arts and crafts.  Just like elementary school, Elmer's Glue liberally used.

An olde paint brush for spreading around the glue around.

Some flocking material.

Letting the elmer's glue do its work.  Back to youtube I go.  A few hours later and this is what the base looks like.

Picking out some detail.  Drybrushed some Beaten Copper to give the rusted metal affect.

Picked out the right edges of the rocks with Administratum Grey.  Bits of the distorted metal work with Tinny Tin and then elmer's glued some genuine sand to the grass.  Again, a simple travel outside and that does the trick.   You seriously can't beat random.

The star under the show.  Used this to hold the base for spray painting, basalting and flocking.  Finally painting.

Some Army Painter Strong Tone for where the rocks meet each and around the base of the rocks, also around where the twisted metal touches grass and dots on the grass.   Also added a few spots where mud would gather.

slainte mhath

As promised, time for some blooper pics.

If you want to waste some time and redo work just over think basing.


Attempted to mark out where the battletech model was going stand and scotch tapped off the area where there shouldn't be any basalt of flock.

Yeah, that didn't work at all.   Could've just glued the model down first then basalted and flocked the base along with everything else.  Who needs all that free time, hardest way possible all the time. I love redoing work, don't you?  Hopefully I'll learn for the next time.