I've been assembling some Xenomorphs from Gale Force Nine. I got a little grumpy about some of the tails on the Warriors, but in retrospect, that was only 3-4 figures out of 24. Likewise, the foot locking points for one or two figures made me grumpy, but again that's 24 figures. The Queen is perfectly lovely to assemble, although the instructions really do have a spot of confusion about which leg is the left and which the right.

I went with a very simple paint scheme for the Warriors, but I intend to pay more attention to ol' Queenie when I paint her.

We began our Outpost 37 campaign last Thursday, and one of my guys survived until the end of the game. It was a good laugh!

Who are we? Mug & Game in Congleton, Cheshire. We meet three Thursdays a month at St John's in Buglawton.