During the course of the various stories of this chronicle the coterie has and will meet many characters so I'm therefore creating several profile pages for different groups within my version of kindred Los Angeles to help them keep track. I'll also amend these profiles as new information comes to light and old 'facts' turn out to be less factual than originally thought...

Xaviar's Legacy
Xaviar - Former Gangrel Justicar
Presumed Destroyed
When Marius's Sire Xaviar was destroyed, Marius was one of the few kindred with even the vaguest idea of the former Justicars global activities.

Xaviar had been coordinating packs of Gangrel who stood by his cause. He insisted that they remain mobile, for a moving vampire would be a harder meal for the Antediluvians than one who remains in the city, and he periodically required them to provide 'scouting reports' of territory through which they had recently passed. Slowly, Xaviar was amassing an enormous database of supernatural activity. Of course, most believed that this database was only in his head; Xaviar would not know a computer if an enemy dropped one on him. They were however, not entirely correct. Xaviar may have had no such capabilities, but he had many followers who did.

Upon word of Xaviar's Final Death, those packs under his control scattered once more until another decided to preserve Xaviar's legacy.

Marius has installed his own childer, grandechilder and even more distant relatives either as leaders, or trusted advisors in as many of the packs as he could locate. Many who had separated, now reformed under the control of a new sponsor and continued their previous activities. Some resisted Marius's attempts to install his own people within their existing Pack but nonetheless saw the benefit in once more having a kindred with some resources behind them. Those who were particularly keen to maintain their independence nonetheless continued to refuse Marius's offers, their current whereabouts of the majority of these is unknown though some that may have been considered a threat are certain to have been eliminated. Marius has however left an open invitation to any Gangrel or Gangrel Packs who wish to join him in this endeavour and his promised that their independence will be honoured and any services they provide will be amply rewarded.

Xaviar's legacy, or 'The Oratory' as it is now known is a worldwide organisation of Gangrel Packs, possessing information to rival a Neillson library and with a collection of both vampiric and supernatural artefacts. Marius is the inheritor of this legacy and he continues to control it through his own bloodline when possible, or when not, by making the benefits of working with him outweigh any negatives. He has spent virtually every waking minute since his sire's destruction on this endeavour and other schemes that would ultimately support it. Consistent efforts to increase his personal power and influence have ultimately been with the goal of supporting this endeavour.

His hold over his brood is a matter of much conjecture amongst those aware of it. Theories range from blood magic, submerged directives, and even more outlandish conjectures. Regardless of their feelings towards him, when he summons them, they go where he wills. Marius had recently summoned a number of these packs and other individuals to facilitate the prevention of Vannevars expansion into Los Angeles, a goal that has now been achieved. Though some have theorized that he had other goals too.

The Gangrel are now the second largest vampire clan in Los Angeles, second only to the Brujah, and that gap is closing. That so many of these Gangrel go where 'The Fixer' wills is becoming an increasing concern to those with an interest in keeping a stable balance of power within the Anarch Free States. 

Fortunately for the cities barons it seems that Marius's focus is now upon continuing the legacy left to him by Xaviar, rather than accumulating power within Los Angeles. Other more suspicious kindred have pointed out that to all intents and purposes he can influence L.A. in any way he pleases and so effectively already has all the power their he needs or desires.

Knowing that the Baron of Hollywood's scheme to liberate Isaac's own sire, Christopher Houghton, would result in either Marius's own ascension or destruction, Marius contacted many powerful Camarilla elders and negotiated significant boons in exchange for the promise of the removal of this disruptive new element to their eternal schemes. If he survived then these boons would enable him to establish 'the Oratory' as a legitimate part of kindred society along with other organisations such as 'The Pony Express' and 'The Circulatory system' to name but two. Now possessing boons and favours in all layers of kindred society, up to and including the Inner Circle of the Camarilla itself, even the threats of the Camarilla power broker Fiorenza Savona are now meaningless.

The Packs of 'The Oratory'
Xaviar controlled upwards of twenty packs across America and half a dozen outside it.

Of these, Marius has bought approximately fifteen back into the fold and supplemented this number with new packs with which he has influence. It has been theorized that he now controls more than double the Packs his sire once did. Gaining control of Xaviar's stockpiles of vampiric artefacts has proven more problematic as several have fallen into the hands of rival clans with an interest in such things. For this reason the pack known as 'The Oracles of the Crone' have been given almost limitless access to the resources of the Oratory in order to facilitate the return of these items.

He has however accumulated a collection that rivals even the hordes of artefacts held by the Tremere and The Ministry. Many of these are held in a bunker-like facility below Hallowbrook and are issued to the packs under his influence on a case by case basis. It is also rumoured that several Kindred prisoners of Marius lie in torpor in this same facility. Including the former duskborn 'messiah' Jenna Cross. With these many tools at his disposal, 'The Oratory' now allows Marius to act as a 'Fixer' to not just L.A., but to extend his influence far beyond.

Twelve of the packs continuing Xaviar's Legacy are of particular note.

'Butchers, The'
Blanche Johnson - Gangrel Pack Leader
Pack Leader
Blanche Johnson - Gangrel 
Former Leader
'Talon' - Gangrel
Pack Members
Henry Johnson, Jane Johnson, John Johnson, Martha Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Thomas Johnson and William Johnson - Gangrel, Childer of Blanche
Former Members
Various Mountain Cabins and Caves (Haven 1-3: Creepy)
Herd 3, Mawla 4 (Marius Walker), Mawla 2 ('Talon'), Resources 3 (Funded by Marius), Retainer 1-2 (Various Ghouls)
Merits (All)
Adversary 2 ('Vein'), Fame 1/Infamy 3 (Various historical massacres)

Blanche's family were a terror in the old west long before the embrace of their matriarch.

As the frontier moved West, trappers and hunters moved ahead of settlers, searching out new supplies of beaver and other skins for shipment to Europe. These hunters were the first Europeans in much of the Old West and they formed the first working relationships with the Native Americans in the West. They added extensive knowledge of the Northwest terrain, including the important South Pass through the central Rocky Mountains. Discovered about 1812, it later became a major route for settlers to Oregon and Washington. When the trade-in beaver fur virtually ceased around 1845, Blanches family became outlaws and raiders instead.

A childe of Marius known simply as 'Talon' embraced Blanche Johnson and then watched in turn as she passed the gift onto her four sons and three daughters. They were originally created to be a weapon against a kindred enemy of Talon's whose name has long passed into obscurity. After the destruction of this enemy, the Johnson family still hunted animals, though for blood, not fur. Though they now also hunted humans too.

It was over a century before their grandsire made an appearance and taught the Johnson family of the greater kindred world that they knew of only peripherally. He also taught them that they had barely scratched the surface of the potential of their innate abilities.

It was at this time that they met another of Marius's grandechilder. A smooth-talking and entirely amoral drifter named 'Vein'. How their animosity came about is something known to only them, their respective sires and, more than likely, Marius. Vein however avoids contact with them whenever possible and only deals with them when he is under the protection of Marius or his own sire as without such a defence, the Butchers would undoubtedly bring his unlife to a swift and unpleasant end.

To the initial observer, the Johnson family or 'the Butchers' as they became known, are a blunt and brutal tool useful only for shock and awe attacks. The truth is however that their years as Mountain men and women, traders and trackers and outlaws gave them wilderness skills that are second to none. This, combined with training in some unorthodox disciplines, has created a force that is more than capable of approaching an enemy unseen, destroying them with overwhelming force, then disappearing silently into the night.

Not all of their image is incorrect though. Their preference when in combat is for simple and effective weapons, applied with brutal force. Occasionally these enemies are skinned too. Some habits are hard to break, though at least they wait until their targets are dead...

'Corsairs, The'
Sirena - Gangrel Mariner
'The Corsairs' Pack Leader
Pack Leader
Sirena - Gangrel
Former Leader
Jacquotte Delahaye - Lasombra
Pack Members
Baptiste, Machenson, Marabbecca, Natacha, Pierre 
Former Members 
Too many to list
Haven 2: Container Ship (Armoury 5, Cells 5, Hidden Armoury 5, Surgery, Watchmen 3)
Allies (Ships Crew and Security: Effectiveness 3, Reliability 3), Herd 3 (Smuggled migrants), Mawla 4 (Marius Walker), Resources 3 (Funded by Marius), Retainer 1-2 (Various Ghouls)
Merits (All)
Iron Gullet
Infamy 3 (Various modern and historical acts of piracy)

The Gangrel of the corsairs were once the enforcers of a pirate queen named Jacquotte. With striking red hair and the legendary status of surviving many dangerous encounters, she was given the nickname 'Back From The Dead Red.' Only her inner circle knew just how accurate that moniker actually was.

Though she herself was of Clan Lasombra, she had a number of Gangrel who followed her lead. The life of a pirate gave one many opportunities to feed and no-one really complained about the fact that she and her guards always took the night watch. Their preternatural senses gave them many advantages when attacking settlements and ships during the hours of darkness, though the rest of her fleet tended to act in a more traditional manner. The main appeal of Jacquotte to her Gangrel followers was that she treated them with far more respect than other members of the so-called 'High Clans' had ever done.

After Jacquotte's disappearance in the late 1600's her fleet, lacking an obvious successor, fractured and was absorbed by other pirate captains. 'The Corsairs' as they later called themselves, continued in the only trade they knew and, along with their ghouls, became the bane of shipping in obscure areas of the world for the next three centuries. They had also branched into smuggling of drugs, weapons and migrants looking for a better life in the west.

Attrition and infighting has meant that a kindred known as Pierre is the only original member of Jacquotte's crew that still clings to unlife. He would likely have remained the packs leader if not for an error of judgement that led his crew into an ambush by authorities off the coast of Africa. Fortunately for them, an unusually sociable pair of Gangrel Mariners who had been quietly observing the mixed crew of Gangrel and ghouls decided to intervene.

Sirena and her childe Marabbecca added their own skills to those of the crew, and after a brief but intense contest between herself and Pierre, Sirena took her place as pack leader.

At Sirena's suggestion they contacted a Gangrel 'Fixer' who she believed would consider their skillsets valuable enough to provide the additional resources they needed to exist in the modern age. Marius Walker was, of course, more than happy to oblige and they now supplement his own smuggling operations. Of course they're not above accepting other, even more unsavoury, jobs too. Together with 'The Water Rats', they are the beginnings of what Marius hopes will eventually be an entire fleet of vessels at his beck and call.

'Coyotes, The'
Kellan Best - Gangrel
Pack Leader of 'The Coyotes'

Pack Leader
Kellan Best
Pack Members 
Logan Velez, Harry Tran, Hilary Spooner, Tyler-James Stubbs.
Haven 1: Armoured RV (Cell 2, Hidden Armoury 3, Security System 1, Watchmen 1), Also a number of additional havens and bases along their usual transport routes.
Herd 3 (Smuggled migrants), Mawla 4 (Marius Walker), Resources 3.

David Geduld, former Baron of Torrance, had very little regard for any Kindred who were not Ventrue like himself or Brujah whom he considered to be a clan of warrior philosophers (with some exceptions of course). This meant that the Gangrel within his gang were generally looked down upon and given the jobs that he deemed not important enough to bother his more respected followers with. When he inherited several Caitiff during the splitting up of the Barony of the Angels he immediately gave responsibility of them to Kellan and Logan, his two Gangrel Sweepers. He then promptly forgot all about them.

Finding that unlife in the aforementioned Barony had already endowed the Caitiff with strong survival instincts, the Gangrel pair eventually began to see some potential in the new recruits and then started to pass onto them some of their own survival knowledge and skills. When Geduld was destroyed and his barony was invaded, the Gangrel retreated to the Madrona Marshes in Torrance. They took their Caitiff charges along with them as by then Kellan and Logan considered them to be part of their own pack and therefore under their protection.

'The Coyotes'
Transport and Occasional Haven
Representatives from several factions approached them with varying degrees of cooperation but the best that could be arranged was a pact of mutual none interference. Kellan was insistent that if they were not given hunting grounds of their own then they would keep the one that they currently inhabited. Eventually they accepted a domain with the newly expanded borders of Marius Walkers 'Downtown' Barony and were made his responsibility, though with significant reluctance on his part.

The Coyotes as they came to be known have been given security responsibilities for one of Marius's lesser known criminal enterprises, namely people smuggling. Though he tends to avoid trafficking people against their will (Though no doubt does so if required), his 'Fixer' operations often required moving kindred from one place to another in secret. Utilising these resources for traditional criminal activities in-between such ventures only made economic sense. The Coyotes have a access to a large RV to facilitate their work which acts as their Haven in between jobs and is housed in a secure unit provided by Marius when not 'on the road'.

So far the arrangement seems to be satisfactory to both parties as the pack has freed up a number of Marius's operatives for other duties. The Coyotes for their part now have a haven, a modicum of resources and easy access to feeding. As long as they don't damage their cargo that is.

These operations now come under the broad umbrella of 'The Oratory'.

'Ennoia's Hunters'
Meredith Lang - Gangrel Pack Leader
Pack Leader 
Meredith Lang - Gangrel
Pack Members
Amelia-Grace Richard, Celeste Fleming (Childe of Meredith), Elaine Adams, Pierce Ferrell, Saskia Cardenas, Sufyan Bautista (Childe of Meredith)
Former Members
Finnley Sawyer (Diablerised by Meredith during Monomacy)
Haven 3: Skyline Apartments (Armoury 5, Cell 2, Hidden Armoury 7, Luxury, Postern 3, Security System 5, Warding 3)
Allies (Blood-bound Security Teams: Effectiveness 4, Reliability 3), Herd 3, Mawla 4 (Marius Walker), Mask 2 (All), Mask 3 (Celeste Fleming, Cobbler), Resources 4, Status 3 (Downtown Only)
Stunning (Meredith), Unbondable (Meredith)
Adversary 3 (Sabbat), Infamy 3 (Sabbat/ Camarilla), Obvious Predator (Meredith Only)

Xaviar had created a pack from a number of highly skilled killers amongst Gangrel he knew of who also possessed the right state of mind for a particular mission. He gave them a sacrificial target to destroy that would be guaranteed to draw the attention of the Sabbat. Their job was to then infiltrate the sect with a backstory of Camarilla betrayal, and then feed him as much information as possible.

Meredith Lang, a grandechilde of Marius, was selected to be their leader due to a history of black-ops and wet-work as both a mortal and kindred. She was also an expert in manipulation and infiltration. These skills had been enhanced by training from her own sire, Emmanuella Booth, 'the Pale Lady', an extremely skilled assassin in her own right. The operation was a spectacular success and resulted in over a centuries worth of tactical information and useful intelligence. 

With Xaviar now destroyed and the Sabbat now based mainly in the middle-east, Marius decided that it was time to bring 'The Hunters of Ennoia' back into the fold. In his opinion, the communication issues with managing a pack over such distances, while avoiding the attention of the Second Inquisition, would inevitably result in the loss of a valuable asset, sooner rather than later. The Hunters of Ennoia, became Ennoia's Hunters and turned on their supposed allies within the Sabbat, destroying and diablerising as many as was practical to prove their new loyalties, then made their way towards Los Angeles.

Only two of Ennoia's Hunters are childer of Meredith, the rest were selected entirely on their skillsets. They are universally amoral, sociopathic killers who love their work but are so self interested that they would never risk themselves as true supporters of the Sabbat. Mainly because they support system previously provided by the Camarilla, and now by Marius, guaranteed protections that the Sabbat could never offer. At least that is what has been indoctrinated into them all.

Though it is the Butchers who have the image of brutal killers, their atrocities pale into insignificance compared to what Ennoia's Hunters have done in order to maintain their cover. Meredith and Marius's P.A. Victoria, get on tremendously well, which should tell you all you need to know about Meredith's morality. There are quite literally no limits to the depths to which she and her pack are willing to sink in order to accomplish any goal set them. In fact they do so gladly.

'Hunters, The'
Vinicius Santos - Gangrel
Pack Leader of the Hunters, Bahari
Pack Leader
Vinicius Santos
Pack Members
Daryl McKinney, Filip Bolton, Fiona Galindo and Gilbert Brandt
Haven 3: Huntington Logistics (Cell 2, Hidden Armoury 5, Location, Postern 1, Security System 3, Surgery, Watchmen 3)
Herd 1, Influence 1, Mawla 4 (Marius Walker), Mawla 3 ('Mary'), Resources 3 (Smuggling Operations), Status 2.
Infamy 1

The Hunters, or The Huntington Gangrel as they were originally known, consist in the majority of those Gangrel who abandoned Amethyst in her ill-fated attempt to wipe out her neighbours and expand her borders in two different directions. This withdrawal from the conflict was done on the proviso that they would in no way be held responsible for past actions of Amethysts in which they may have been involved. Amethyst's gang was well equipped, funded and trained, making these four Gangrel a considerable threat. They however pale in comparison to Vinicius.

Their leader Vinicius took control of the Hunters after massacring his former employers at the behest of 'Mary', so-called 'Mother' of the Bahari cult known as the Children of the Wolf and quickly spread his beliefs amongst the rest of his new pack.

Vinicus's pack then patrolled the extensive border of the newly created South Coast barony for it's then Baron, Steve Booth. In return they were allowed to sleep anywhere within a few miles of the border due to the extensive area that they are expected to keep secure and feed as they wished as long as they kept these feedings covert and cover their tracks.

After Vinicius's extermination of Hugo Snyder's Kindred mercenary group of which he had once been a member his pack inherited their base of operations and equipment. This Huntington distribution hub is the packs home base when not on patrol and the area around it has been granted to them as a feeding ground. Not that his new baron had much choice in the matter if he wished their cooperation.

Hugo's group had extensive military connections, so as well as a secure haven 'The Hunters' also have access to several armoured vehicles, an extensive armoury, three speedboats previously used for smuggling and if rumours are true, at least one submarine. Effectively a self contained unit they are honouring their agreements and have shown themselves to be very effective in their new role. With Vinicius own extensive combat experience and the training that the other Gangrel received under Amethyst they could easily be mistaken for a professional military unit when pursuing a particular target.

They are also utilised on by the Ventrue Harvey who initially ran both of Los Angeles Southern dockyards on behalf of Steve Booth, and now rules the entire South Coast. The Hunters have eliminated a number of mortal smuggler gangs for Harvey enabling him to take over their operations with people of his own choosing. This was apparently in exchange for secure storage for the Hunters various sea going vessels and a small percentage of the additional income Harvey now has acquired via the expansion of his own gang.

As part of The Oratory their smuggling operations are still centred upon Los Angeles as both they, and the other smugglers, still utilise the docks there as a base of operations. They are however spending an increasing amount of time outside of the Free States which, combined with the absence of the Water Rats, is making the South Coast look like a far more inviting target for rivals. Some have suggested that Marius is deliberately weakening the South Coast, but why he would do so is a mystery.

'Lunatics, The'
Zaine Grant - Gangrel
Pack Leader:
'Talon', or in his absence Zaine Grant
Pack Members
Andreea Sosa, Emilee Yu, Jerome Banks, Madison Brewer, Rhys McClain, Tyreece Allison, Zaine Grant
Various locations of convenience
Mawla 4 (Marius Walker), Resources 2, Status 3 (Feared, not respected)
Flaws (All)
Disliked (Camarilla), Infamy 3
Lore (All)
Agata Starek (1: Terrorizing the Powerful), Low Clan (4: Trade Amongst Equals - Potence)
Lore (Zaine Grant)
Lupine Expert (2: Tactician, 4: Trophy)

The pack of the childe of Marius known as 'Talon' are more of a shock and awe weapon than even 'The Butchers' and are the most blunt of The Fixer's tools. Nonetheless if uncompromising brute force and destruction are necessary, then the Lunatics are perfect in the role.

All the members of Talon's pack are violent criminals or amoral psychopath's, the eldest being mercenaries who both fought on, and sold weapons to, both sides during the American Revolutionary War. The youngest have been selected from fighters in some of the most brutal wars of the last century. They are kept in some form of order by Talon who uses both blood bonds and personal power to ensure that their worst excesses are focussed upon the appropriate enemies. Fortunately such foes are never in short supply. Their critics are swift to point out that the difference between The Lunatics and the average Sabbat Pack is difficult to discern.

As one of Marius's childer and a leader amongst the organisation now known as 'The Oratory', Talon's presence is often required elsewhere and on those occasions the leadership role is taken by Zaine Grant.

Zaine is a former mercenary and occasional freelance scourge who Talon 'liberated' from a Camarilla regime where his overzealous and uncompromising dedication to seeing tasks through to the bitter end attracted the ire of the local Prince. The ruler was of the opinion that the rules didn't apply to his own childer, a point on which he and Zaine differed. Talon smuggled Zaine to another domain and disposed of what was left of the Prince's childe. To be fair, there wasn't a lot left anyway...

Though an extremely capable member of the pack, his tunnel vision sometimes blinds him to the realities of kindred politics. ironically this is exactly why he is so valued. Titles mean nothing to him, a target is a target and if 'The Lunatics' kick down your door, it's Zaine's opinion that you probably had it coming. He is also unwaveringly loyal to Talon.

'Mollies, The'
Rebecca Molly - Gangrel Pack Leader
Pack Leader
Rebecca Molly
Pack Members
Anita Davila (Caitiff), Gertrude Nunez (Caitiff), Kathleen 'Kathy' Clark (Duskborn), Mabel York (Caitiff), Violet 'Violent' Hodges (Gangrel)
Haven 1: Converted Semi-Trailer Truck (Hidden Armoury)
Mawla 4 (Marius Walker), Mask 3: Cobbler (Gertrude Nunez), Mask 1 (All), Resources 3 (Sponsored by Marius Walker), Retainer 2 (Curtis Andrews, Ghoul), Retainer 2 (Ellis Morrow, Ghoul), Retainer 2 (Ian 'Stan' Stanley, Ghoul)
Bloodhound (Violet 'Violent' Hodges)
Thin-Blood Merits
Kathleen 'Kathy' Clark (Day Drinker, Lifelike)
Thin-Blood Flaws
Kathleen 'Kathy' Clark (Clan Bane: Gangrel, Bestial Temper)
ADHD (Rebecca)

Less a 'pack' and more a selection of useful allies to facilitate the activities of their leader Rebecca.

Lacking the skills of her sire and and the patience to devote herself to obtaining them, she has instead gathered a number of useful kindred to act as a support team of sorts for her activities. Though all can trace their ancestry to a Gangrel sire, many are Caitiff, making this one of only a few packs of Xaviar's Legacy to contain members not of Clan Gangrel. The pack also contains a single duskborn.

These include a pair of private investigators, a spotter, and a hacker who provides technical support during operations. The team is also assisted by several ghouls who can act on Rebecca's behalf during the day, along with Kathleen 'Kathy' Clark , a duskborn who is also a Day Drinker.

Despite Rebecca's tendency to get distracted, the pack has proven itself to be useful in a number of minor tasks allocated to it by Marius with an acceptable degree of collateral damage. They are now being given more responsibility, though Rebecca's attention span is the real handicap to their continued success.

The team's recent neutralisation of a Circulatory System attack helicopter that threatened her grandesire and his allies of the moment, has elevated them even further. The rest of The Mollies can only hope that Rebecca doesn't do anything to sabotage that reputation.

As part of 'The Oratory' they are now more a less a kill-team who eliminate any threats to the organisations operations, though they are also an effective information gathering asset.

'Oathbreakers, The'
Scarlet Carson O’Toole - City Gangrel
Pack Leader
Scarlet Carson O’Toole (City Gangrel)
Pack Members
Carolina Valez (Lasombra), Celeste Lamontagne (City Gangrel), Alice Menard AKA Cherubim (Brujah), Elisa Karini (Ravnos), Marie-Hélène Dutoit (Ventrue), Luther Hyde (City Gangrel),
Haven 3: Downtown, Apartment Building (Armoury 5, Cell 2, Creepy, Postern 1, Security 3, Watchmen 1)
Mawla 4 (Marius Walker), Resources 3 (Sponsored by Marius Walker)
Enemy 3 (Sabbat), Infamy 3 (Former Sabbat)
Lore (All) 
Sect War Veteran (1: Survivor, 2: Active Participant)
Lore (Elisa Karini)
Week of Nightmares (1: Oral History, 3: I Was There)
Paranoia (Elisa Karina), Dependent Personality Disorder (Cherubim and Elisa Karina), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Celeste Lamontagne)

The Oathbreakers are all former Sabbat members who were either spies within that organisation or pack members who became disillusioned with an organisation that has strayed so far from it's originally declared aims. Several of it's members are Grandechilder of Meredith Lang's own childe, Celeste Fleming and therefore of Marius's own bloodline. Meredith was herself an infiltrator of The Sabbat, though still leads her own pack, 'Ennoia's Hunters'.

With their knowledge of The Sabbat's hierarchy, tactics, and internal workings, the Oathbreakers are tasked with keeping track of any Sabbat packs that might pose a threat to the Gangrel of Xaviar's Legacy, or other operations directly or indirectly associated with Aegis. They also make note of any danger that they may pose to important members of the Anarchs, Camarilla and Independent Clans, and how that information can be leveraged for profit or boons.

Having the advantage of a broad set of talents due to their eclectic past and varied membership, they are infamous for coming up with innovative solutions to problems. They also sometime operate as individuals or split into smaller teams.

Scarlet Carson O'Toole was the leader of the Misery Lords Sabbat Pack, but still fed information back to her grandesire who had also infiltrated the Sabbat. As Marius began to use his long-term sleeper agents to disrupt their West Coast operations, Scarlet was bought back into the fold, though first she used her position to sunder her own Pack.

Luthor Hyde is another of Meredith's sireline, who was hidden from the kindred populace of L.A. while Marius conducted his campaign against two Methusalah's of the Sabbat. With that scheme successful, Marius has found him a place within one of his own packs.

The Lost Angel's Carolina Valez betrayed her pack by passing on knowingly false information provided by Luthor Hyde of the Misery Lords. In return Marius has guaranteed the safety of her mortal grandchild Josefina, and assured her that he will provide a home for any Lasombra fleeing the Sabbat. Marius became familiar with her when she was spying on the Free States and it became obvious that she wasn't violent or open about being a vampire. Marie-Hélène Dutoit, of the same pack, was already negotiating with the Camarilla when she discovered the infernal elements infesting her home city of Quebec would never allow it to be free, she therefore went with her third choice and joined the Anarchs.

Celeste, not to be mistaken with Luthor and Scarlet's sire of the same name, is the sole survivor of The Navigators Pack. She acts as guide and pathfinder for her new pack, though in-between missions her love for nature is indulged by Marius. It is Celeste who maintains many of the Bahari gardens throughout Los Angeles, though is not of the faith herself.

Though chronologically over one hundred and sixty years old, Cherubim, real name Alice Menard, is forever trapped in the body of a six year old. A body sculpted by Vicissitude into that of a perfect porcelain doll. After over a century of abuse she gained enough strength to destroy her sire, and having no home, stayed with the Sabbat Pack who had turned a blind eye to her suffering, waiting for the right moment to betray them all. Marius provided that opportunity and now she has dedicated herself to his cause.

Elisa Karini was once a Sabbat Inquisitor trusted with keeping their ranks pure. When betrayed by scheming within her own sect, she found herself under the control of her enemies, via the Vinculum, mind control, and a body made unrecognisable by Vicissitude. Though the rest of The Orphans Pack were destroyed, she was spared and offered a chance for the first time in her unlife to choose her own fate. Now with her mind free and her body restored she has become as fanatically loyal to Marius as she once was to the Sabbat, seeing him as her saviour.

Though almost universally distrusted by the other Packs of 'The Oratory', Marius gives them the same support as the others. As long as they are useful, they will have a place.

'Oracles of the Crone, The'
Luella Gilmour - Gangrel
The Oracles of the Crone
Pack Leader
None, though Luella is considered most senior.
Pack Members
Evalyn Peck, Luella Gilmour and Maisey Burke
Converted Semi-Trailer Trucks (Cell 1, Hidden Armoury, Library 3, Security System 3, Surgery 1, Watchmen 2)
Allies (Revenant Family: Effectiveness 4, Reliability 3), Allies (Blood Cult: Effectiveness 3, Reliability 3), Herd 5 (Cultists), Mask 2, Mawla 4 (Eleanor Braun), Mawla 4 (Marius Walker), Resources 4 (Activities funded by Marius via Eleanor)
Merits (All)
Iron Gullet, Linguistics 3, Suspect 1 (Banu Haqim, Tremere, Lasombra)
Merits (Evalyn Peck)
Merits (Maisey Burke)
Infamy 3
Lore (All)
The Bahari (1: Dangerous Reputation, 2: Ritual Scarification, 3: Sacrifice the Children, 4: The Womb’s Blood, 5: First-Cursed), Descendent of Xavier (1: Martyred Ancestor)

This pack contains a mere three kindred members though surrounds itself with a large cult of ghouled and blood bound mortals.

All three are childer of Eleanor 'The Sorceress' Braun, an unconventional Gangrel with an innate talent for Blood Sorcery and it's rituals. Though her methods more closely match those of so-called 'hedge magicians' the effects are broadly similar to those rituals used by clans such as The Tremere, Lasombra, Banu Haqim and other rarer and more ancient uses of Thaumaturgy. Her childer have inherited many of their sires innate talents and sorcerous preferences.

Eleanor's childer broadly speaking fulfil the mythical roles of Maiden, Mother and Crone though anyone who referred to Luella Gilmour as a 'Crone' had best put some reverence into the pronouncement. The 'Mother' of the three is Evalyn Peck and this title is both figurative and literal as she is currently breeding her own revenant family which is currently into it's third generation. Maisey Burke is the 'maiden' though her innocent visage hides a calculating mind like a steel trap. It is she who draws the majority of the recruits to their cult.

Their primary focus is upon rituals of prophecy and communication though they haven't neglected the more offensive rituals required to defend themselves from rivals.

These three kindred and their cult of followers are at the forefront of the campaign to reacquire the vampiric artefacts lost since Xaviar's disappearance. Marius asks no questions and as long as each operation results in the retrieval of an artefact, he is willing to deal with pretty much any fallout that results. As such 'the Oracles' have, like their sire, a great deal of enemies and tend to keep on the move.

The cult travels in two semi-trailer trucks, usually masquerading as some spurious delivery company or business, and four other vehicles that act as unobtrusive escorts.

'Razor Rats, the'
Sidney 'Sid' Osborne - Gangrel
Pack Leader of The Razor Rats
Pack Leader
Sidney 'Sid' Osborne
Pack Members
Charlie Ferrell, Imogen Castillo, Isabelle Burke, Louise Ward, Lyndon Vargas, Qasim Anderson
Haven 2: Converted Refuse Vehicles (Armoury 5, Security System 1)
Allies (The Swarm: Effectiveness 5, Reliability 2), Mawla 4 (Marius Walker), Mask 3 (All), Resources 3 (Aegis Reclamations Funding)
Merits (All)
Bloodhound, Iron Gullet

The Razor Rats have always been scavengers, thieves, and occasionally murderers but nonetheless have always covered their tracks carefully. As modern surveillance became more common, the packs methods of concealment became more and more specialised and sophisticated. They even went so far as to embrace a pair of technically knowledgeable runaways who made the mistake of sleeping near one of the Razor Rats underground hideouts. Louise Ward and Lyndon Vargas adapted well to their new existences and soon had a shopping list of equipment they'd need to protect and assist their new pack. 

It was five years later that they came to the attention of Aegis and the fledgling organisation that was to become The Oratory, and the offer was too good for them to pass up.

They now act as the primary 'fixers' for Aegis reclamations. Their task it is to ensure that newly established operations receive no interference from locals who might already see these areas as there own domains. They have their own transports and support teams, to enable their rapid deployment to areas of concern, and are occasionally allowed access to the offspring of a childe of Marius known as 'The Mistress of the Swarm' to uses as shock troops against established underground factions that might need additional convincing to relocate.

Though in theory they answer to the Oratory, their primary source of missions is the mysterious kindred who runs Aegis reclamations on Marius's behalf and whose identity is known only to a handful of kindred within the organisation.

'Thorns, The'
Dollie Parker - Gangrel Pack Leader
Pack Leader
Dollie Parker - Gangrel
Pack Members 
Jim Melia, Kamal Markham, Marc Mathis, Zena Winter (The Band)
Haven 1: RV (Hidden Armoury 2, Security System 1)
Fame 1, Herd 2 (Fans and Groupies), Influence 2 (Fans), Mawla 4 (Marius Walker), Mawla 2 (Jolene), Resources 3 (Marius Walker), Resources 2 (Gigs), Retainer 2 (Eamonn Gilmore, Ghoul, Manager), Retainer 1 (Fionnuala Mellor, 'Entourage'), Retainer 1 (Kiri Mccullough, 'Entourage'), Retainer 1 (Winifred Bridges, 'Entourage') Status 2 (Anarchs)
Dollie Parker (Beautiful), Zena Winter (Beautiful)

The Thorns were an attempt by Xaviar to infiltrate Anarch Baronies and mainly consists of Neonates and other kindred with a mindset more in keeping with the modern age. These were, in Xaviar's opinion, far more likely to be able to blend in with Anarch culture. The tricky part was ensuring that their loyalties remained Camarilla, and avoiding them from 'going native' during operations.

With his usual ruthlessness, he accomplished this with blood bonds, submerged directives and other, possibly sorcerous methods. When Marius took over he replaced the majority of these controls with a far simpler method of motivation, namely money. With the sponsorship of 'The Fixer' they could continue with their rock and roll lifestyle without concerning themselves with actual making a profit from their ventures.

The Thorns pass themselves off as a travelling band and its entourage and are moderately successful though are generally more famous for their lively stage shows rather than their musical abilities. Fortunately, vampiric imagery and fake blood are a popular staple of rock shows and so their true natures are well hidden, albeit in plain sight.

They have two support acts. The first is a Malkavian singer who goes by the name 'Jolene'. She is aware of 'The Thorns' activities and occasionally assists them if she feels so inclined but is otherwise left to her own devices.

The second are all mortals who, in clear defiance of the masquerade, are well aware of what their fellow bands are but such is the addictive nature of the 'kiss' that they keep the secrets of both The Thorns and Jolene. 'Crimson' are the most talented of the three bands but the quality of their performances vary widely based on how high and/or intoxicated they are before they go on stage and blood loss often accentuates the effects of the illicit substances within their systems. Jolene has a preference for blood tainted with narcotics and so often encourages this behaviour.

While in Anarch territories The Thorns pick up whatever rumours they can and make a general assessment of the movers and shakers within any baronies in which they play a gig before moving on. They were never considered by Xaviar to be a particularly useful tool due to the haphazard nature of their information gathering though Marius seems to hold them in higher regard. Possibly this is because Marius has a far greater investment in Anarch territories that Xaviar ever did.

Nonetheless 'The Thorns' are popular enough that their presence in an Anarch domain guarantees the attention of, at the very least, the younger inhabitants of the city, both kindred and kine. After show parties and mingling with their audience is when they subtly probe for any information of use and feed it back to Marius via his network of contacts.

'Unseen, The'
Flynn Boyle - Gangrel Pack Leader
Pack Leader
Flynn Jacobs - City Gangrel
Pack Members
Elliott Barnett, Johnnie Mair, Kaden Ray, Macy Mansell, 'Precious' Beaumont, Szymon Andrew, Vishal Orozco
Former Members 
Far too many to list
Various old cars, camper vans and SUV's (Watchmen 2)
Mask 2 (All), Mask 3 ('Precious' Beaumont, Cobbler), Resources 1
Iron Gullet (All), 'Precious' Beaumont (Beautiful)
Archaic (Flynn Jacobs)

One of Xaviar's most favoured packs due to their variety of infiltration skills and one of the last of the former Justicars packs to accept Marius's replacement of Xaviar as their guiding force. Many attribute this reticence to one of their alleged purposes being the potential removal of Marius should his preference for diablerie ever be focussed in a direction not to Xaviar's liking. Most of the enemies they have destroyed never even knew that their killers were in the same room as them. 

The unseen are now quite rare amongst Xaviar's packs, as they have no ties to Marius outside of his position as their sponsor, and contain no kindred either related to or beholden to him. It's common knowledge that Marius doesn't trust them at all, but plays upon his heritage as first of Xaviars childer, in order to encourage their loyalty.

Their primary purpose was to infiltrate the domains of rival sects and keep track of their most powerful kindred members and had therefore undergone extensive mental conditioning and training in disciplines not typical of the average Gangrel. Despite this they often took heavy casualties, making the oldest surviving members of the pack formidable in the ways of survival too.

Their leader since the pack was formed is Flynn Jacobs, a three century old Gangrel with a talent for stealth that is second to none amongst his contemporaries. Unfortunately he finds the modern technological world completely alien and therefore leaves any interactions involving technology to the younger and more flexible members of his pack. The packs mastery of several out of clan disciplines such as Obfuscate and Auspex enable him to avoid modern surveillance systems, once they have been pointed out to them that is, but he is increasingly finding his lack of ability in this area to be a hinderance to the packs activities. He believes that it is only a matter of time until one of his pack challenges him for his position. Despite being notable for his ability to move silently, his physical strength is also prodigious which makes removing him from the leadership position in a physical confrontation no easy task.

'Precious' Beaumont, is the youngest pack member both chronologically and in appearance and is currently Flynn's lifeline when it comes to technology. It is she who forges the documents necessary for them to maintain their fleet of vehicles and bypass any issues when having an actual identity is needed by one of the pack. This is especially necessary as Flynn refuses to allow Marius and his organisation to be involved with the pack in any way that allows him to keep close tabs on their activities.

Like many Gangrel, 'Precious', was abandoned by her sire and has more or less been adopted by Flynn. Her loyalty is therefore to him first, and the pack second, a fact that any kindred who wished to take control of the pack would need to bear in mind, considering how essential she is to it's smooth running. Flynn has also passed many of his skills in the areas of stealthy killing to her, making her formidable in other ways too.

'Untamed, The'
Constance Carson - Gangrel Pack Leader
Pack Leader
Constance Carson - Gangrel
Pack Members
Cole Landry, Garrett Hoover and Eleanor Pearce
Haven 3: Aegis Logistics, San Diego (Cell 3, Hidden Armoury 3, Location, Postern 3, Security System 5, Watchmen 3, Warding 1)
Backgrounds (All)
Iron Gullet, Mask 2
Backgrounds (Constance)
Ally 4 (Cameron 'Cockroach' Roach, Gangrel), Allies (Surveillance Team x3: Effectiveness 3, Reliability 3), Allies ('Heavies': Effectiveness 3, Reliability 3), Resources 3 (Oratory 'Funding'), Retainer 2 (Danny Pham, Ghoul), Retainer 2 (Denise Flores, Ghoul), Retainer 2 (Ralph Doherty, Ghoul), Retainer 2 (Daniela Lozano, Ghoul).
Merits (Constance)
Beautiful 2, Influence 2 (San Diego), Status 2 (San Diego)
Flaws (All)
Infamy 1 (A Reputation for Brutality)

The Oratory representative within San Diego is Constance Carson. A fiery red-head considered something of a loose cannon amongst the hierarchy of the Oratory for three reasons.

Firstly she is unrelated to Marius Walker and therefore immune to the strange influence he has over his bloodline. Secondly she isn't Bahari so isn't guided by either of Marius's proxies within the Chosen of Ennoia, Mary or Aviana, and thirdly, the Gangrel pack allocated to San Diego are all her childer and therefore are loyal to her first and foremost.

However, she is also ruthless, efficient and very careful to ensure that her plots benefit both 'The Oratory' and herself in, broadly speaking, equal measures. She maintains her position with a formidable success record, and what might be considered excessively generous terms when undertaking tasks for Baron Tara. 

Cole, Garrett and Eleanor - 'The Untamed' Pack
Ingratiating herself with those who can help elevate herself is one of her many talents and she is unusually politically minded for a Gangrel. Possibly this is why she got the job in the first place. Marius does like surprises and one thing that Constance can never be accused of being, is boring.

Cole, Garrett and Eleanor make up the appropriately named 'The Untamed' Gangrel Pack.

All are childer of Constance, number only three and are a blunt tool at best. Information gathering is mainly achieved through traditional surveillance methods by ghoul led teams who answer to Constance, with The Untamed being held in reserve for what might be diplomatically called 'Sweep and Clear' operations, though the original military term 'Search and Destroy' is more appropriate.

There is somewhat of a rivalry between this Pack and Tara's sweepers. As the only two Gangrel packs in the area, they'd really like to know which is the dominant one. Unfortunately, the local situation makes this difficult to achieve without a lot of political fallout. 'The Untamed' are older, more experienced and more potent in the blood, but are predictably direct in their methods. This lack of tactical acumen on their part might be enough to give the pack of 'Skinner' Hoffman an edge. Unfortunately for their rivals, however, an attack on one group of Oratory Gangrel is considered to be an attack on them all, and that is trouble that most sensible kindred would be wise to avoid.

Constance has also been given access to the services of Cameron Roach, though he is more often referred to as 'Cockroach', whether he likes it or not, due to his talent for controlling insects. His talents also extend to other small creatures and so he is a useful asset for spying on, following, and occasionally harassing Constance's enemies. He was originally one of The Swarm, but wisely sought out alternate employment before he joined the ranks of devoured childer and grandechilder of the groups notorious diablerist leader, Tilly Kelly. Marius transported him to San Diego to assist Constance but has done so on the quiet so as to give her a subtle asset, to compliment the more brutal methods of her own childer, but one that few are aware of.

'Water Rats, The'
Shantelle - Pack Leader, The Water Rats
Pack Leader
'Shantelle' - Gangrel
Pack Members
Addison Moreno (Gangrel/Caitiff), Erika Parker (Childe of Shantelle, Gangrel), Kaya Grant (Brujah), Teegan 'Baby' Little (Duskborn), Tim Duggan (Brujah/Caitiff)
Former Members
Olivier Lawson (Brujah/Caitiff, Victim of 'The Voiceless Ones')
Haven 3: The Merchant Ship 'Akvorato' (Cell 1, Hidden Armoury 3, Postern: Concealed Hold, Security System 1, Surgery 1, Watchmen 1)
Herd 3 (The Crew), Mask 2, Mawla 3 (Kahu, Gangrel Mariner), Resources 1 (Their 'cut' of smuggling profits)
Disliked (Harvey Caplan, Baron of the South Coast)
Thinblood Flaws and Merits (Teegan 'Baby' Little)
Baby Teeth (Flaw), Vampiric Resilience (Merit)

The Rats, as they were originally known, were a gang of young kindred dispossessed when the original incarnation of the Barony of the Angels was divided amongst it's neighbours. They attempted to make their way to the domain of David Geduld, who ruled one half of the docks at that time, via the sewers and warrens below Los Angeles.

After losing one of their members to the kindred diablerists known as 'The Voiceless Ones', they eventually found their way to the coast where they were intercepted by a Gangrel Mariner, known as Kahu. He persuaded them that Harvey Caplan, then de-facto baron of the docks, would be a better choice with which to negotiate. They subsequently ended up in his employ and gained a new nickname, namely 'The Water Rats'.

All was going well until their leader Shantelle made a pragmatic decision to assist the Toreador Methuselah, Sir Matthew Lubbock, to gain entry to the city, at Velvet Velours request, and did so behind Harvey's back. Though she had reasoned that if informed, Harvey would have attempted to intervene and certainly have been destroyed, Harvey saw the matter differently. For the second time they found themselves once more without a home. Fortunately, Baron Marius Walker of Downtown had recently recreated the Barony of the Angels and they chose to return to this relatively neutral territory.

It took less than two weeks for Marius to offer them a place within his own organisation as a pack of the Oratory. He has taken advantage of their newfound expertise with dockyard and port procedures and has set them up with a merchant cargo ship, a blood-bound crew and a selection of smuggling jobs of which they are granted a cut of the profits. They are often teamed up with 'The Corsairs' pack who have a similar role within The Oratory.

Other Packs
Other packs that continue Xaviar's legacy are less remarkable and though a few are known by name, their exploits are yet to be of sufficient importance for them to establish their own reputations.

The Abandoned, The Ravens, The Razor Rats, The Silent Footsteps, The Silver Daggers, The White Boars, The Wolf Soldiers and The Wolverines, are all names of Gangrel Packs associated with the Oratory.

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I've used pictures of real people to represent some of the characters and art for others so in no particular order Blanch Johnson is Kathy Bates, Kellan Best is Benicio del Toro, Meredith Lang is Jaime Murray, Vinicius Santos is  Liev Schreiber, Zaine Grant is Jonathan Banks, Rebecca Molly is Amy Acker, Scarlet Carson O'Toole is Natalya Rudakova, Luella Gilmore is Angelica Houston, Sidney 'Sid' Osborne is Joseph Gatt, Dollie Parker is Carla Harvey, Flynn Boyle is Brian Cox, Constance Carson is Dina Meyer and Shantelle is Marsha Thomason.