Happy 2023! This far into the future and still no proper robots. Oh well, maybe next year.

The New year. Time to take stock of what worked, what didn't, and the long list of hobby projects that were supposed to happen, but for various reasons, didn't. I got a fair bit of painting done, but really only half of my project list. I didn't play as many games as I wanted to, but life, uh, finds a way...to get in the way. 

I have heard that you should not widely proclaim what you want to do. Something to do with your brain being dumb and giving you an endorphin reward just for talking about the project, which is actually lessing the chance you will do said thing. Also, I have heard by telling people your plans you become accountable and more likely to accomplish the thing.  Also also, didn't George Washington say not to believe all that crap Lincoln said on the internet? 

I think plans are good. It gives you a solid starting point and course of action. Of course plans rarely survive contact with reality, so flexibility is key. 

Here is my plan: Game more. Paint and build more. 

Maybe finally start my long sidelined Genestealer Cult campaign. Add some Primaris to my Dark Angels. Hefty re-re-redo of my Tyranids. Paint the AdMech force that has been primed for a year. Finish up some half done projects so I may proceed forward start to more half-done projects!

Time to get started. Hope you come along for the ride.

Hobby All Year

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