I've had a pretty solid start to 2023. Carrying on the momentum from the end of last year, my motivation for painting has been sky high. Its not been the most focused, with me doing a little bit on a lot of different stuff, but enthusiasm counts for a lot!

I did manage to get my first models of the year finished though, Its not much, just five Kommandos, but I'm pretty happy with them.

They look pretty decent I reckon. Obviously they're converted rather than using the actual kit, but they do the job nicely. I've been trying to focus on just getting models ready for the table with my Orks, rather than fussing too much over the details. I did toy with doing some freehand camo patterns on some of them, but tbh they look decent enough as is.

Beyond that, I've also been prepping a bunch of stuff for painting using the 'Slapchop' method - aka drybrushing some zenithal preshading onto a load more Orks! 

Slapchop certainly makes army painting a lot easier. I tend to go over the contrast afterwards with a few highlights and extra layers, but it makes my life so much easier by cutting out several stages of initial work, which has a tendency to sap my enthusiasm for a project. I far prefer doing the finishing stages and details! 

Tbh I may not get all those finished at once, but at least I'm going to be able to dip in and out whenever I feel like getting something ready for a game, which should lend itself to getting more finished overall. 

This flurry of hobby activity just goes to show how much of a motivator it can be to simply get some games in. As I mentioned in my last post, the local gaming club has moved their meeting nights from Thursdays to Mondays, which has meant that I've gotten more 40k games in the first two weeks of this year than in the entirety of 2022! A pretty good achievement I reckon. I'm also looking at taking part in the league that's starting soon, so there'll be plenty more to come!

So yeah I've started the year with a pretty good hobby mojo. Hopefully I can keep it up as the year goes on. Only time will tell though. Until next time, happy hobbying!