Approximate Reading Time: < 1 And so, another Hobby Streak of 100 days is completed; this one took me from October 19th to January 28th. 700 Days on a Hobby Streak My goals for this Hobby Streak were to do one of the following for the Rule of Cool; Crassus Armoured Transport – Nope! Griffon Mortar Carriers – Nope! Rapier Laser Destroyer Batteries – Done! I got a lot of other things done, though! Completed Models During the Last 100 Days 14 Cadians 3 Rapier Laser Destroyers 2 Cadian Chimeras 3 Cadian Leman Russ Tech Priest Enginseer 3 Cadian Armoured Sentinels 3 Deathstrike Markers A […]

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