My calendar year has two hobby community highlights I partake in, October "Dreadtober" and February's "Squaduary" - and its February so it's time I grabbed something that has been sitting around on the painting desk for all too long and got it finished! Thanks to DAM at 262nd DKK Blog for the timely reminder!
Squaduary was run by Stepping Between Games blog, Thousand Eyes used to plow through the interwebz and Instagram for the Squaduary pledges and pooled them together. This has now fallen by the wayside but I may have gone and continued my hobby now-tradition last year even if officially there wasn't one, and a few of the community continued too.
In 2022 it was a Squad of Bikers
In 2020 it was a Devastator Squad with Heavy Bolters
In 2019, I completed a Vanguard Squad of Skitarii for my growing AdMech army.
In 2018 it was a Squad of RTB01 Beakie Marines.
And in 2017 it was the first squad of RTB01 Beakie Marines.

So, this year is a long overdue squad of push-fit Reiver Primaris Marines! I haven't actually any Reivers built so these will be a start, just a squad of five as my OCD doesn't allow six! 
Wish me luck and join in if you want! And make sure you check out DAM's Dark Angels at 262nd DKK Blog. My initial progress may be slow as I have a Warlord to finish before Beachhead on the 11-12th Feb! 

Cheers, Siph