This model has always interested me but I put off buying it mainly due to it's goofy head. Or heads, as it has two options and both seem kind of goofy to me. But when it was revealed a while back that the Master of Executions would be in the Worldeaters Codex I was intrigued by the notion; I liked what he could do for the regular Chaos Marines in the game and having him in with the Khorne berserkers seemed like a natural fit. Then the visual  idea of fitting a death-bunny khorne head on his shoulders really cemented the idea... so I finally got the model. 

In my clutches at last! 

While tinkering with the pieces it occurred to me that the metal Khorne warrior head I wanted to use (I haven't a clue where and when I got this!) wasn't going to work. The MoE heads are both flat on the bottom where most of the spare heads I have available to me have a ball for a neck. 

Rejected metal heads. 

So I found an alternative plastic head which I was able make fit by cutting the ball joint down to size with a hobby knife. I was really pleased with how this turned out, well, so far anyway.

A nice head for a not-so-nice head-taker. 

While assembling him it occurred to me that painting the legs inside the cloak was going to be a challenge once the legs were attached to the base. So I have decided to keep him in three pieces and attach him to his base after I have painted him. 

A base-eye view. 

I have to note how easy this model is to assemble. I was particularly impressed that the designer chose to have one of the joins be at the seam of his cloak with the stitches overlaying the real join. A natural place for it to go and quite an obvious choice really. The previous plastic production from 20+ years ago, and especially  the metal models, were just not able to pull this stunt off. 

Stitches for the snitches. 

I have to wait for some favorable weather to be able to prime this model, and that may be awhile. So that's all for now, hopefully I can make some more progress sooner than later...