You've seen the new guns, meet the usual suspects.

Across the years, I've picked up a fair few Heavy Weapon crews without the actual Heavy Weapons, normally if I've snap bought a job lot of figures.  I find the mortar operator and lascannon aimer with his binos useful to fit in with Infantry Squads.

As such, it's no great shakes to allocate them to the Ordnance weapons.

I've never hidden the fact that I feel the mortar loaders were a bot 'comedy' with the massive shells so it doesn't bother me to hack and slash those rounds away to slide in some of the accessories from the Ordnance sprue.

The Heavy Bolter gunners will end up the Bombast seats. I've trimmed away the power pack from the loader so that he can be glued into place next to the Heavy Lascannon power pack on the model.

Next up, the completed yet unpainted first draft of the Ordnance Batteries.