Hello Titanseers and welcome back. Progress on Ex-Noctia Warlord No.10 is progressing well. I have now completed the base and in process of gluing and screwing up into the feet from below, the trick being making sure you have wide head screws or washer, plus a hole drilled to the same circumference and depth of the screw haft, so just the thread digs into the resin. I also add a littel JB Weld to the screw for the maximum hold. The head of the screw is countersunk into a forstner bit recess so the underside of the base is flush. Here you can see some leg armour being glued and clamped in place.
The armour and heraldic shields and head and carapace weapons are all completed, awaiting the final 'beetle back' carapace armour panels, seen below.
This should not take too long to do, once completed though - I do have a small issue of the original owner sale included the weapons but when collected they were missing except the two fists it was fitted with at the time and still have not been found - I have been asking, however, I wanted WLT10 and the price without these was fair so I move on and need to purchase some more replacements in the near future. In the meantime and for the upcoming Beachhead 2023 Walk, I will use my Sunfury Plasma Annihilator and paint a Macro Gatling Blaster.
Clamping the Shoulder armour in place
Here is the completed base with the blasted tree, a random ebay purchase where I thought I was getting a pack of six for the price and in picture but the small print said each... always read the small print! Doh. So no forest terrain for me, and a lone tree fits nicely here.
The previous post I did have these rear armour panels in red still, however I thought better of it, too many red accents would detract from Astorum blue and gold, so they received the Rites of Colour too.
The Void Shield Vanes and top carapace I explained previously how they would remain red, however alternative red and blue panels works nicely with the other red accents and still leads nicely to the blue frontal armour.

The link to a whole Warlord Titan Construction process can be found HERE.

Just a few panels and an arm to get finished for this weekend's BeachHead 2023 at Bournemouth BIC for the Titan Owners Club UK BeachHead Walk!

Legio Astorum will Walk at the next Titan Owners Club UK event, where they will be battling alongside other Forge World Titans! I will be sure to post lots of photos.  Remember to register your own Titans at Titan Owners Club, and if you want some cool Titan Owners Club merchandise, we even now have a Spreadshirt Shop, any profits go to running these events or buying Titan sized terrain for future Walks for all members to enjoy :)

Cheers, Princeps Siph :)