Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've got plenty of showcase posts to write up, but for now - I first built and based my Orc team [alongside the Human team] in January 2017. So, it's been over 6 years since I started them! This particular guy has been a WiP since July 2020 but I don't think I shared the pics. In fact I wasn't even sure I'd taken any at all. But he was my test for skintone. Originally I did it with the pink lips that are common  among Orcs now but didn't like it and went lighter green instead.

I base coated it it Caliban/Angel green, the counters and the rest of the team too.

I then did all the highlights on this one just to see what it was like and then promptly mothballed the project for 3 years! It's not like I didn't do anything else though, it just wasn't a priority. But now it is for #NewYearNewArmy and hoping this will form part of my four way BloodBowl 7's megabowl #ArmiesOnParade2023

Now this has been stalled for so long, some of the models are starting to have their primer wear off! It was only a cheap matt black spray but even so. I've been trying to get my head round the black uniform for a while and I've had a couple of inspirations - Tyler Russo's amazing Orks at Billion Dollar Clown Farm and this Orc Team by Robbin Cruddace.

I'd been awed by Tyler's grunginess and it looked so cool but Robins monochrome effort looked so easy to replicate. As much as wanted to I couldn't stick to the monochrome, had to add an accent colour, which brought me back to Tyler's Goff warband. I did start each strap and cloth with VGC Charred Brown, before adding VG Extra Opaque Heavy Red highlights. Additional shading has helped keep it a darker red than I usually go.

The markers had Incubi Darkness as highlights, which will need changing as I went with Skavenblight Dinge on the Orc. Otherwise, I'm just so pleased with the result. It was a couple of hours of fiddling to get here but I'm so happy, I just can't wait to do the rest. I think next step is highlight all the flesh on the rest of the team. That's a big challenge as I can't remember how long this one took. I just need to get into that batch painting process to help move things along.