Horrified American Monsters is the follow-up game to the hit game Horrified (I gave it a quick look last year). It is a stand alone game, so ownership or knowledge of the original game is not necessary. 

It is the same gameplay, but it has a new map, monsters, items, and characters. Which is not a bad thing at all if you liked the first one. As the title suggests, the classic monsters have been replaced with Cryptids from all over the United States. Five of those are pretty well known. I was stationed in South Dakota for four years, been to the Badlands a few times and somehow never heard of the Badlands Banshee. Pre-internet times were different...

The biggest question is of course, should you buy it if you already have the first one? If you enjoyed the first one and want some more variety then it is a must buy. Fairly inexpensive, it is a good gaming value.

There are no official rules for any kind of cross-over between the two games, but I'm sure it would not be that hard to figure out something. The only real issue would be starting placement and other location based gameplay. Now I want to try that out.

There has been no word on a third game, but a real expansion for this should be straightforward. Plenty of cryptids that are not in the game, although I would like to see a "Grey" alien as a creature. One can only hope.

It's a fast and fun game, and we enjoy it. Give it a shot if you are looking for a lighter solo/Co-op experience.

 Go Roll Some Dice
And Find Bigfoot While You Are At It.