Not long after I finished my chaos android redux miniature I found this blister pack lurking in my collection. I originally bought it and gifted it to brother about 10 years ago when he was flirting with the notion of coming back to 40k and possibly playing Necrons. Well, that didn't pan out and he gave the blister pack back to me when he last moved. I thought I had given it away to someone else as I had minimal interest at the time in doing Necrons. But after that chaos android redux experiment I was kinda hungry for a bit more, so this guy showing back up when he did was amazing timing. 


After a moment, the briefest of fleeting moments, to reflect upon the mint condition status of this sealed blister pack, I tore it open and began cleaning up the miniature. It was a flash and mold line nightmare and in hindsight I am glad my brother didn't put himself through this experience, as it likely would've led to him quiting again anyway.. The staff was particularly bent up. I think a lot of the later metal miniatures GW produced were manufactured so fast that the metal was still a bit soft when it came time to seal them into blisters, but who knows? Unlike resign, pewter is easy to bend back into position, and after a few minutes I had it straightened out. 

...and bent. 

Once I dealt with the flash and straightened out that staff, I put this guy together. I got to say, this model is impressively majestic once built.  

Coming together.

Once he was assembled and the basing material was applied, outside he went for priming. I use the paint intended for use with Contrast Paint. It's expensive, but I find it to very good to work with regardless of whether I actually use Contrast Paint on a model or not. 


And he's been in the queue ever since. And now by posting this perhaps it will inspire me to knock out a paint job for him?  Once I can get back to miniature painting that is; my art projects are maximizing my time these days and I still have those World Eaters to deal with... but I'm eager to see that classic Chaos Android scheme on this chap so I might just go for it. Oh, and his working name is currently Tut the Terrible. Should be a fun addition to the Rogues Gallery when the time comes.