This week has seen some random WIP that I have not really finished. After last weeks work on Opus I had to reassemble the hole thing to check some measurements, which lead to me not finishing what I started as that would have meant disassembling Opus again. Instead I started work on some shields for the lower part of the hull. I will get back to these one they are done. One thing I noticed when I put Opus back together again is that it looks much more solid now that the fornt and back is sealed up and also that the interior adds to this feeling. Sadly the shelf that Opus sits on is to his so I had to take the top of the island of. I might have to address this so that I can have Opus fully assembled without hitting the roof.

One thing that I changed from the previous round is how the elevators work. In the original build I had made three towers that I would inset in the elevator shafts (seen down to the right in the top picture). These were however quite flimsy and I could not get them to work properly as the friction in the sliding bars, holding the elevator platform, was to great to easily allow for adjustments of the elevator position. So this time around I build some tracks that I attached to the side walls. In this way each elevator will have four independent riders, relaxing the need for every thing to be to measure and parallell, and the friction is much lower... perhaps a bit to low...

Apart from that I have been working a bit on my birthday present from the Wifey, a Levithan siege dreadnought. I decided to do it in pre-heresy Dark Angels black, but for some reason it turned out very black... so I might need to go back and drybrush another round. I also build a scenic base from the left overs from the build. 

I must say that the legs are incredible. Why could they not have done this for the knight model. Each leg consist of 12 pieces...  while the knight leg is 8 pieces... and that includes the four pistons... This model really feels like a proper model and not just a gaming piece.