The finished model.

And here is the finished Master of Executions. But first let's finish the WIP steps:

After some deliberation I settled on making the helm on the trophy rack a Dark Angel. My usual method of painting DAs was confounded when I discovered that my old Rotting Flesh paint has become a solid lump of plastic. Major bummer. But the lid was cracked and I guess it was a critical breach that allowed the paint to prematurely dry up. So I found a close analog in ) which I supposed will work for now. 

Although the packaging shows the trophy racks on the backpack are supposed to be bones, I decided to paint them as a metallic bronze would look better. And I do think I like it better that way. 

Chaos on Chaos violence is such a lamentable thing.

The two decapitated fellows were a joy to paint. I based the flesh with Cadian Flesh, a thinned wash of Nightshade was put over this followed by a thin layer of Kislev Flesh. Rakarth Flesh was lightly applied next with the slightest highlight of Palid Flesh. Blood For The Blood God was added to the stumps of their necks. 

I absolutely adore the new Worldeaters decals. However I wanted a bit more continuity with my some of the other Worldeaters units in my force. Particularly I always like that icon was showing a world being plundered. With this model I size up the icon using a circle template and colored that circle in blue.

I added a continent and some isles using Dust and a light green. Once dried I applied the transfer with the help of Microset to complete the icon. I think this turned out quite well. 

After a few touch-ups here and there, I put the whole guy together. I added some grass tufts for the final touch and he was done. 

Complete and ready to execute. 

I forgot to mention the final steps on his leathery half-cloak thing; The last highlight is Tau Orange and the stitches were done using a craft paint called Raw Linen by Delta Ceramcoat. 

The decal has a glare to it making it a challenge to photograph but I think you get the drift. 

I am pleased with how the model turned out, I just need to find the time to get this guy into action....