Despite grumbling about how long they were taking in my last post, my Terminators actually ended up coming together really quickly over the weekend.

The end result turned out rather excellently I reckon. I was a little concerned when the transfers started to go on though. They just didn't seem to look right to me. Then I found some old Dark Elf and Chaos transfer sheets which I could repurpose some of the designs from to jazz up the armour and it seemed to bring everything together. 

A very lucky find for me, especially as I didn't feel confident enough with my freehand skills to add the sigils and patterns onto the armour which I pictured for them.

It just goes to show that you should never throw away your old transfer sheets!

I definitely need a bit before I paint the rest of the squad though. There's just so much trim and detail work to be done on them that it can be pretty disheartening. I'm thinking I'll go back and do some more Veterans next. Either that or I'll try and crank out a squad or two of Imperial Fists, as I've got a game organised with them next week, so it'd be good to do some more of those. I'll have to see how I feel.

Until next time though, happy hobbying!