>>>Well, this is a little awkward. I really didn't think GW would be announcing 40K Tenth Edition yesterday. I guessed the teaser was for a relaunch of Space Hulk using the fancy Gallowdark terrain. Oh well. Still possible...

I will give some thoughts on 10th as I get more details. On with the Show!<<<

You have 30+ years of 40K minis but the current edition ruleset doesn't tweak your twinkie? What to do?

A: Make your own ruleset! Well, that is an awful lot of work, so no.

B: Play an older edition! Sure, that does work, it's not like the Ordo Praecepta will show up and stop you. Well probably not, it's not like you can expect what they will do.


This big disadvantage of this is no official stats for newer units. So more work.

B2: This does include the last version of 40K Apocalypse, which was a very good ruleset. Shame it didn't really gain any traction.

C: Find some new rules that somebody else made! Yes. Let's do that.

There are only a few candidates for full 40K sized games. The market is skewed towards skirmish sized games at the moment, with many good choices. Which I will get into at a later post.

Wiley Games's well done Fistfull of Lead. It did start out as a skirmish sized game, but the Sci-Fi version Galactic Heroes includes vehicles for much larger battles. Wiley has just recently released a 40K conversion, Codex Galactica. I have not played this yet, but I am in the process of reading the rules.

The other popular ruleset I have played (a lot) is of course, Grimdark Future by One Page Rules.

It has grown a bit past one page in the last few years, but is still a very streamlined system with only a handful of special rules. OPR (One Page Rules) has done all the work in making stats for nearly all of the current 40K units, and is updating them. Just don't expect them to behave exactly like they do in 40K. 

If you are a Patron, you get access to the unit builder so you can add new units, or just re-do a unit that is more pleasing to you. A full review of these rules is just around the corner.

Brand new, and just completed their Kickstarter is Warsurge. It is a universal rulebook, letting you generate stats for all the models in your collection. It is supported by an App. I leaned about it after the Kickstarter had closed, so I didn't get in on it. I am very interested and will look into picking up a set of the rules and report back.

And of course, who knows what 40K Tenth Edition will bring later this year? More of the more, more special rules? Or a house cleaning like 8th (mostly) or something else? I guess we will see, and fairly soon too. I would really love it if 40K went a bit back to basics.

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