Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes Back to Tempest of War cards for this Blood Angels vs Cadians game – will the cards be kind? They were last time vs Iron Hands. This game was at Boards and Swords in Derby. Cadians 2,000 Points List Cadian Arks of Omen Detachment HQ Warlord – Lord Solar with Grand Strategist Creed Cadian Castellan – Bodyguard, Ripper Gun,  Brute Shield, Officer Cadre (1CP), Old Grudges, Order of the Bastium Stellaris (1CP) Vindicare (not an HQ) Troops 3x Cadian Shock Troopers with a Plasma Gun, Melta Gun and Vox-Caster 3x Cadian Shock Troopers with a Grenade Launcher, Melta Gun and Vox-Caster […]

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