Giddy up!

Just like the title says, it's a nurgling riding a tyranid ripper. One of the more amusing things to come from the wilderness of 3D printing. Luckily the ever resourceful Warfrog got one of these for me. And after the initial laughter subsided it occurred to me that it would make for a rather unique objective marker. So I attached it a 40mm base, applied the grit, and took it out for a priming of Corax White. 

The ghost of mischief past.

And here comes the fun! 

Now in glorious technicolor. 

Most of the basecoats were done using Contrast Paints. They were worked very well on this figure bringing out much of the details. Plaguebearer Flesh was used on that cheeky nurgling. Blood Angels Red was used onbthe mushroom caps. Skeleton Horde was used on boney areas and teeth. Both have a their tongues poking out of their mouth and for that I used Volupus Pink.  For non-contrast paints I used Citadel Colour Macrage Blue and Xereus Purple for the Ripper's body. 

Mostly done.

I used Russ Grey and Coat D'arms Lupus Grey for the blue areas of the Ripper. I think this turned out OK for the most part. I'm more satisfied with the purple areas. That was done by applying a layer of Slaanesh Grey then a Druchii Violet wash.  Then another conservative application of Slaanesh Grey but just on it's little pseudo-pod legs. 

View from behind.

I decided to just leave the nurgling alone. The Plaguebearer Contrast paint worked brilliantly. I did put a little thinned Agrax Earthshade in some if the recesses around his most prominent folds and the line of his back,  but that was it.

Grasd tufts added.

Once the tufts were added I called him done. For those keeping count, this is the second Objective Marker that I have completed.  I just need to crank out at least four more for a set of six. But I have ideas, and I have gathered models, to go far beyond that; it's just a matter of time right?

Have you ever needed to secure an objective so bad?