I'm currently running a Vampire the Masquerade chronicle using the 5th Edition rule-set for a small group of fellow role-players.

Our primary chronicle is set in Los Angeles and features a small group of Camarilla agents sent into the 'Free States' to bring them back under Camarilla control. This is the initial chronicle briefing pack for the second of several planned interludes which will centre on the expansion of Baron Michael Tomassio's 'Galerie Sanguine' franchise to other domains.

You have a hard act to follow.

The 'Galerie Sanguine' franchises in Pasadena, Hollywood and San Francisco have all been great successes and it looks like Chicago will follow this trend. Of course none of them have to deal with a cities ruler who is at best a paranoid sociopath and at her worst, borderline psychopathic.

Your Mission
Michael Tomassio has given you an important task to perform now that you are established within the city. Interested parties have began to look in the direction of San Diego and in particular at it's ruler, Baron Tara Kearney.

Michael Tomassio, Baron of the North East
 Arbiter of the Anarch Council of Los Angeles

Two things concern them. 

Firstly, should Tara somehow be removed from power, how the remaining forces would align themselves and secondly, If Tara was convinced to declare for the Camarilla, who would oppose that decision.

You are aware that a Camarilla power broker, Fiorenza Savona, has offered to back Michael's next Galerie Sanguine franchise and it's just possible that should you be a success in this venture that you might be able to gain employment in a city containing far better opportunities than this one.

At worse you would ingratiate yourselves with an up and comer in the murky world of kindred politics where a boon is an invaluable reward and Michael Tomassio's star is certainly on the rise. His census-taker, enforcer, investigator and accountant have all ascended with him and have their peers respect and in some cases fear.

Though first, of course, you'd have to succeed in your task...

'The Galerie Sanguine'
Galerie Sanguine: San Diego - Feeding Ground
The latest of Michael Tomassio's Galerie Sanguine franchises is based in San Diego's arts district. 

Haven 2: Herd 1, Luxury, Resources 1, Security System 1.

It also includes a feeding ground that is well defined by a number of perimeter roads and the small body of water that separates it from San Diego International Airport. 

The Airport itself has been declared a 'No Go' area where feeding is forbidden, due to the presence of some security systems that Tara has been warned are Second Inquisition devices designed to detect kindred. This effectively limits kindred travel in and out of the city to the ports and main roads.

San Diego - Mission Bay at Night

The galleries initial stock has been made up of works via local artists, some of Michael's own pieces and other artwork and sculptures obtained from creative kindred that Michael supports. With three well established branches already acquiring such pieces, the influence of the Baron of North East Los Angeles is spreading amongst the artistic communities of the undead.


Kindred Population of San Diego (34)
Brujah: 11
Caitiff: 5
Duskborn: 3
Gangrel: 3
'The Ministry': 3

'Abstract' Toreador: 1
'Red' Nosferatu: 3
'Free' Ventrue: 1

Gangrel of 'The Oratory': 4


Temporary Residents
This number varies but is rarely by more than a mere handful and all are required to announce themselves on arrival and feed only in the areas temporarily allocated to them. The majority of short-term residents of San Diego, are merely stopping there on their way to Los Angeles. Currently there are only three.

The Baron and her Inner Circle
Tara Kearney - Brujah
Tara Kearney - Brujah
Baron of San Diego
In December of 1944, when the call went out for Anarchs to assist in the Revolt, it was hoped that a few Kindred from the neighbouring cities would show up to help. It was quite a pleasant surprise when Tara, a well-known Anarch from Texas, showed up with fifteen Brujah fighters, many of them veterans of the American Civil War. Their support was a major factor in the defeat of Don Sebastian's forces.

When the Anarchs needed a strike team to go to San Diego, Tara immediately volunteered. She found Maria, the Prince of San Diego, already destroyed. Tara immediately declared San Diego a member of the Anarch Free States and, in the first land grab in the brief history of the States, claimed the area as her own. The Revolutionary Council was too busy to argue with her, and then Tara strengthened her grip on the Barony of San Diego. Many Anarchs believed she had plans to completely break away from the Free States and declare herself Prince of San Diego, which would probably have precipitated a war with the rest of the Free States.

Jenna Cross, Duskborn messiah, and her followers made these rumours irrelevant when they stormed her penthouse apartment before any such plan could be implemented. Once the battle made it's way to the rooftop, Tara was riddled with bullets and shells from a dozen handguns, assault rifles and shotguns, then fell thirty stories to the ground below. Though Tara's followers retrieved the body, no-one was in any doubt that she'd met her final death. Unfortunately the duskborn were unable to capitalise on this victory and instead returned to Los Angeles where they took over Santa Monica pier and claimed it as their own domain.

However, she somehow survived. But with her forces scattered and her influence significantly reduced, she needed allies to regain her former power.

Over the next year her enemies, and those who were happier without her as ruler, began to suffer a series of misfortunes. Some of these merely disappeared, others met their ends in arson attacks, explosions and violent ambushes. All the scenes were then expertly cleaned. Business interests and political contacts were also targeted and within twelve months, Tara was once more the only significant kindred in San Diego, and once more claimed the position of Baron.

San Diego at Night

The hand of the Los Angeles 'Fixer' Marius Walker was suspected. A fact more or less confirmed by the campaign of the cities, then soon to be, new Mayor being funded by Aegis sponsors, and his subsequent granting of significant city contracts to that same company when he entered office. That the Mayor is a blood-bound thrall of Tara is more or less common knowledge amongst the kindred of San Diego, but his public persona makes acting against him a potential masquerade breach. Her hold over the political decisions made within the city gives her a significant advantage over her rivals.

Her experiences have created a mercurial ruler who sees all her subjects as potential rivals, traitors or otherwise plotting against her in some way. Staying in her favour is difficult, but those who manage it can pretty much do as they please within San Diego as Tara considers any actions against her 'confidants' as an act against her.

As far as Tara is concerned, to know her is to love her, to oppose her is to die.

Having had bad experiences with multi-storey buildings, Tara's base is now a 100 million dollar, hilltop home amongst some of the most luxurious mansions in San Diego. Security is discrete, but state of the art, and the more kindred friendly aspects of it's internal layout were designed by the famed Malkavian architect Dillan Fitzgerald. The building itself was modified, modernised and extended by Aegis Construction.

Tara has her own herd, in the guise of an extensive staff at her home and therefore has no need to put herself in danger when feeding. She has additional protection in the form of security teams, the leaders of which are blood-bound to her. Their leader is her ghoul, Jude Duffy, a former special forces commander who was recruited for her by Mercury Security Solutions.

Cassie Rosales - 'Free' Ventrue
Cassie Rosales - 'Free' Ventrue
Emissary of Baron Tara
Cassie Rosales acts as Emissary for Tara when other domains are dealt with or if Tara simply deems the message beneath her notice to pass on personally. She is a recent addition to Tara's inner circle but is considered by most to be an excellent choice for the role. Of course, criticising Baron Kearney's choices in any area isn't exactly a great idea so maybe their private thoughts are different.

Cassie is beautiful, intelligent and hungry for power. Being this close to the throne has given her a taste of authority and she likes it. Though she is far too smart to make a play for the top job, she's not above creatively interpreting the messages given in order to curry favour or inconvenience potential rivals.

She is used to navigating the whims of a morally ambiguous and unpredictable superior. If anything, Tara is less dangerous than her previous employer was. 

Cassie has an apartment in Downtown San Diego. This central location facilitates her role within the city. Her financial needs are taken care of by Baron Tara and she has been granted several surrounding blocks as feeding ground.

Cassie is a common sight in the various feeding grounds of San Diego and has therefore been to the Galerie Sanguine many times to relay Tara's dictates.

The representatives of the gallery know something that only Baron Tara and Blackwell are also aware of. Cassie Rosales is actually the presumed destroyed Arla Hartley, former assistant to Marcelina Black of the Los Angeles 'Farm' of the Circulatory System. It has also been made clear to them that 'Cassie' is a potentially invaluable source of information on both the Circulatory System and other powerful organisations and therefore her position is not to be put in jeopardy.

A change of hair style, and a more casual style of dress has been her only attempt at disguise. It has however been surprisingly effective. Camarilla visitors are rare in San Diego and The Circulatory System has no presence there.

'Blackwell' - 'Red' Nosferatu
'Sticky' Malone - 'Red' Nosferatu, Childe of 'Blackwell'
'Blackwell' - 'Red' Nosferatu
Spymaster for Baron Tara
Dennis Blackwell was, in life, a financial expert and investigator for a powerful investment firm. Embraced in 1929 during the worst stock market crash in history by a Nosferatu desperate to keep the fortune on which their influence was based, Dennis took to his new existence with surprising ease. His sires investments were, unfortunately, already doomed and he, like many destitute investors of the time took his own life. Or unlife in this case.

Never a handsome man, and with little interest in pleasures of the flesh, Blackwell's hideous new appearance made little difference to him. This was fortunate as he has received the curse of his clan in a most extreme manner. His skin is black and blistered, in many ways resembling a burn victim, and even other kindred sometimes find his appearance unsettling. That disadvantage aside, his own spy network is quiet, efficient and ensure that Blackwell always has access to the most up to date information available. He is also unusually tech savvy for a kindred who didn't even see a computer for the first eighty years of his existence.

Blackwell has a single childe who also was somewhat unfortunate with the curse of his clan. 'Sticky' Malone, was recently rescued from captivity at the hands of an Unbound Ghoul gang known as 'The Youngbloods' and returned to his sire. This return has allowed Blackwell to get back to the business of being Tara's spymaster and advisor, and as a side-effect has ingratiated the one deemed most responsible for his liberation. Michael Tomassio's latest Galerie Sanguine franchise within the city was allowed to occur without interference, largely due to Blackwell vouching for them, and Tara's, probably temporary, gratitude at the assistance given to her chief advisor.

Unfortunately, the chance of this goodwill lasting indefinitely is unlikely. Eventually Tara's attention will turn to them, likely with suspicious eyes.

Blackwell makes his home beneath San Diego in the Nosferatu Warrens that run below the existing sewer system. He shares this network with his own childe and 'Cleo', the only other Nosferatu in San Diego.

Blackwell meets only Baron Tara, his closest agents, and on rare occasions the domain's census-takers, in order to pass on information about their targets to them.

Absalom Hood - Brujah
Laurance Truman and Cecilia Baird - Brujah, Childer of Absalom
Absalom Hood - Brujah
Constable of San Diego
Though Anarch domains look down upon many of the Camarilla badges of rank, if San Diego had a Sheriff, it would be Absalom Hood.

A veteran of the American Civil War, and many wars since, Absalom is an imposing individual and rather handsome in that rugged way that many women seem to like. As Tara's favourite enforcer he is as ruthless as you'd expect. Politically unambitious, and content merely to crack heads without caring about the 'why', Absalom is a perfect choice for Tara's hatchet man.

He is a formidable hand to hand combatant and his focus has always been upon the physical aspects of the innate disciplines of his Clan. His only interest in their more esoteric abilities is their usefulness for purposes of intimidation.

It was he who retrieved Tara's body from where it lay after her attempted destruction at the hands of Jenna Cross and her followers, a fact reflected in his opinion of any thin-blooded residents of the city. Caitiff are largely tolerated, but a thin-blood within San Diego can expect their every action to be closely observed and analysed. 

Absalom has two childer, Laurance Truman and Cecilia Baird, who have fought at his and Tara's side for over a century. Their loyalty to their Baron is absolute and should Absalom require aid, it is his childer who will be the first to come to his assistance.

However, when it comes to hunting down those who break the Baron's rules, it is the sweepers who do the majority of the dirty work.

Absalom's haven is somewhere near Seventeenth street in the East Village, though considering his job, he is careful to keep it's exact location to himself. The surrounding blocks along the outskirts of Downtown are known as San Diego's Skid Row and provide easy feeding considering the hundreds of homeless encampments that line the streets. Many kindred feed here and it isn't considered to be Absalom's feeding ground, though he has been authorized by Tara to deal with any kindred whose careless feeding there might draw undue attention.

The representatives of Galerie Sanguine have met Constable Hood on several occasions. On first arriving at the city, when allocated their feeding ground and after a minor dispute with a neighbour over where exactly the border between their respective territories actually were. On that final occasion, Absalom ruled in their favour, and dealt with the other kindreds objection to his decision by breaking their arms and legs and delivering their torpid form to their closest acquaintance in a body bag. 

As messages go, it certainly made a point about questioning the rulings of the cities Sheriff.

Raphael 'Skinner' Hoffman - Gangrel Pack Leader
Rowan Barnes - Gangrel
Delilah Moreno - Gangrel
'Skinner' - Gangrel
Sweeper for San Diego
The pack of 'Skinner' Hoffman have been together since they were neonates and all have the same sire. An Elder Gangrel known simply as 'Jac'

'Jac' met his destruction a year ago in a mysterious fire that ravaged his haven. It's widely suspected that his allegiance was in question and rightly so. His plan to use his childer as a weapon to take control of San Diego was pre-empted by Blackwell, passed onto Tara, and a phone-call from her to a certain 'Fixer' was all it took to seal his fate.

Like Absalom, the three have no ambition outside of their next hunt, and the rewards given to them after each success. The pack are well aware of their sire's cause of final death and have taken the entire matter in typical pragmatic Gangrel fashion. He picked the wrong side and paid the price. His childer have no intention of making the same mistake. They have feeding grounds, respect, and are left to their own devices unless needed.

Though they have been approached by the Oratory representative a number of times, they have made it clear that their loyalty is to Tara, and unless she does something to destroy that relationship, that is how it's likely to remain.

Each of the sweepers has been granted their own park within San Diego as feeding ground, though they tend to all go to ground in the same area and rotate between them. This makes them both difficult to locate and more importantly, to challenge one is to fight them all.

The representatives of Galerie Sanguine are yet to have a direct meeting with the Census-Takers of San Diego. This can only be considered to be a good thing. Though they have been seen within their domain, this is part of their job and isn't therefore something that can be objected to without raising Tara's suspicions about what they might be hiding.

'Baron Tara's Brujah'
Of the fifteen Brujah who followed Tara to Los Angeles and then to San Diego, only nine survive into the modern nights. Four lost their unlives attempting to defend their Baron from the assault by Jenna Cross's overwhelming forces and a fifth was destroyed by Absalom when questions were raised about Tara's competence to rule before her resent ascension. He was granted trial by combat, but against Absalom that was effectively an execution, as his skill in combat exceeds that of his fellow Brujah within the city by a considerable margin.

Absalom, and his two childer make up a third of the remaining nine. The other six have been granted some of the best feeding grounds within the city as reward for their continued loyalty.

The Oratory
As would be expected considering Marius Walkers pivotal involvement in Tara's return to power, The Oratory and Aegis acquisitions have a strong presence in San Diego. The price for Marius's aid in her return were exceptional favourable terms for his own business interests as well as access to the port, associated transport links and some infrastructure.

Though their arrangement was complete upon Tara's rise once more to the rank of Baron, it is in both of their interests to continue to support the other.

Constance Carson - Gangrel
Constance Carson - 'The Oratory', San Diego
The Oratory representative within San Diego is Constance Carson. A fiery red-head considered something of a loose cannon amongst the hierarchy of the Oratory for three reasons.

Firstly she is unrelated to Marius Walker and therefore immune to the strange influence he has over his bloodline. Secondly she isn't Bahari so isn't guided by either of Marius's proxies within the Chosen of Ennoia, Mary or Aviana, and thirdly, the Gangrel pack allocated to San Diego are all her childer and therefore are loyal to her first and foremost.

However, she is also ruthless, efficient and very careful to ensure that her plots benefit both 'The Oratory' and herself in, broadly speaking, equal measures. She maintains her position with a formidable success record, and what might be considered excessively generous terms when undertaking tasks for Baron Tara. 

Ingratiating herself with those who can help elevate herself is one of her many talents and she is unusually politically minded for a Gangrel. Possibly this is why she got the job in the first place. Marius does like surprises and one thing that Constance can never be accused of being, is boring.

Constance and her Pack are based at one of Aegis's logistics hubs in the financial centre of the city, though their exact sleeping places are unknown.

'The Untamed' - Gangrel
Cole, Garrett and Eleanor make up the appropriately named 'The Untamed' Gangrel Pack.

All are childer of Constance, number only three and are a blunt tool at best. Information gathering is mainly achieved through traditional surveillance methods by ghoul led teams who answer to Constance, with The Untamed being held in reserve for what might be diplomatically called 'Sweep and Clear' operations, though the original military term 'Search and Destroy' is more appropriate.

There is somewhat of a rivalry between this Pack and Tara's sweepers. As the only two Gangrel packs in the area, they'd really like to know which is the dominant one. Unfortunately, the local situation makes this difficult to achieve without a lot of political fallout. 'The Untamed' are older, more experienced and more potent in the blood, but are predictably direct in their methods. This lack of tactical acumen on their part might be enough to give the pack of 'Skinner' Hoffman an edge.

The Galerie Sanguine's representatives have had no need to deal with either Aegis or the Oratory so what they know of them is merely hearsay.

Other Kindred of Note
'Cleo' - Nosferatu
'Cleo' Nosferatu
'Cleopatra', Madam and Sex Worker
Given it's usefulness as a convenient food source, the Sex Industry of any city is always much contested amongst kindred. Within San Diego, the majority of the prostitution is controlled by a Nosferatu named Cleo.

'Cleopatra' is a derogatory term used by the Nosferatu to describe those of their clan that were Embraced because of their extraordinary beauty. Cleo has taken the term and turned it into a badge of honour, and few in the city even remember her real moniker. In fact she was a pornographic film actress and model for many years. Drug use forced her into prostitution and by the time she was discovered overdosing in a back alley, she was a shadow of her former beauty. Some might have believed that she had suffered enough, however the Nosferatu who embraced her apparently did not.

Her sire survived just long enough to teach his childe the skills she needed to destroy and diablerise him. The black veins have long faded from her aura, but her bitterness remains and she has very little time for others of her clan.

Cleo controls several brothels and the majority of the cities street girls, via a series of proxies who extort protection money from the cities pimps. Those who refuse to pay don't stay in business for very long and currently over half of the sex trade in San Diego pays tribute to Cleo, whether they know it or not.

Cleo is a master of Obfuscate and uses this discipline to disguise herself as the sexual beauty she once was in order to feed. If a client proves to be particularly unpleasant then she may well show them her true form, before draining them dry and disposing of their exsanguinated corpse.

Cleo makes her home somewhere in the Warrens below San Diego. It's also rumoured that she keeps a herd of imprisoned former 'customers' there on which to feed, draining them dry when she grows bored of them and replacing the dead one with a new candidate.

'Dr Moses Lyn' - The Ministry
Clarence Hanna - The Ministry, Childe of Dr Moses
Naomi Reid - The Ministry
Dr Moses Lyn - The Ministry
A conman in life and an evangelical preacher after his death, some might say that his career hasn't actually changed much.

His congregation is substantial, though access to his more intimate ceremonies is reserved for those with money, influence or both, which gives him a considerable herd from which to feed. It also allows him to gain power in the mortal world through manipulation of those who listen to his words.

Given the many scandals surrounding his chosen profession, Moses is careful to ensure that enough money finds it's way into the coffers of local churches to justify his claims as a benefactor of the community. Of course this is a mere fraction of the actual donations.

His words have, to his disappointment, had little effect upon the cities Baron who has little time for religion, kindred or otherwise. As far as she's concerned the only figure in San Diego worthy of worship is herself. In light of his failure to place himself as advisor to the Baron, he has instead turned his attention to her emissary. If he can't manipulate Tara directly, then perhaps he can do so via another route.

He is assisted by two Ministry Neonates. Clarence Hanna is his childe, and the other, Naomi Reid, has effectively been adopted as such. Between them they run the more mundane aspects of the cult that Moses has begun to establish.

If an alternate, and more malleable, candidate for leadership was to emerge then the Ministry might well lend them their support instead. It's also likely that Tara is aware of this, which makes it all the more important that they do nothing to draw her wrath upon them as she is certain to be looking for an excuse to do so.

Moses and his followers have a number of churches and halls of congregation around the city. Where they lie at night is unknown but they probably have resting places beneath one or more of these.

Justin Rush - Brujah
Justin Rush - Brujah
One of the few Brujah within San Diego who isn't directly beholden to Tara, Mr Rush is about as far from a warrior philosopher as is possible. Many mistake him for a Ventrue on their first meeting though it would be wise not to make such a comparison to his face.

Justin controls a logistics business, based at the Port of San Diego, that has branches at most of the major routes in and out of the city.

Smuggling is his main source of income, though he has a side-line in providing transport services for kindred with the need to travel outside of the city limits. He keeps his Baron on side by providing services for her for free and by providing for the needs of his own clan at, slightly, more favourable rates than he does for the rest.

He and Constance Carson have a begrudging but stable working relationship as both have interests in the port area. Justin is steadfastly resisting her attempts to muscle him out of the logistics business and some have theorized that for some reason she isn't trying as hard as she could be to eliminate him as competition. 

Unknown, but likely within the dock area. 

Josef Moyer and Sapphire Khan - Caitiff
Given the ties between Sire and Childe it isn't surprising that guilt by association is a common problem amongst kindred of dubious heritages. Josef and Sapphire have been careful to distance themselves from any association with the forces of Jenna Cross and make a point of continuously pledging their loyalty, and that of their followers, to the Baron.

The truth is less straightforward as Sapphire was one of the very followers of Jenna who riddled Tara with gunfire and watched her plummet to her apparent final death. More surprising to her is that Baron Tara has stood no more than an arms length away from her, and looked her straight in the face, without any hint of recognition.

As mortals, both were veterans of the civil rights movement within America and so are accustomed to prejudice. They hoped that unlife as an Anarch would be different yet once again they find themselves fighting for the same rights as their peers. Though disappointed, neither was particularly surprised.

The pair currently have two caitiff and three duskborn under their protection, and all are struggling to feed consistently given that their allocated feeding grounds are undisputedly the worse in the city. One of their number, a third Caitiff, was beaten into torpor by Absalom for venturing into another's feeding ground.

His body is being stored in a secret location just in case Absalom decides to pay them a visit to finish the job. None of them have potent enough vitae to bring an end to his torpor and, without outside assistance' will just have to wait for enough time to pass.

Unknown, but given the quality and size of their feeding grounds, probably wouldn't take much finding.

Tianna Bartlett - 'Abstract' Toreador
Tianna Bartlett - Toreador
San Diego Zoo
San Diego's Zoo is the domain of Tianna Bartlett, a Toreador who sees beauty in the natural world, rather than in the artistic creations of mortals or kindred. She is also what kindred refer to as a 'Farmer', feeding only on animal blood.

She has no time for other members of her Clan as she finds them to be shallow and petty.
A laboratory on the Zoo's grounds extracts blood from a variety of exotic creatures under the guise of research into disease, though they are careful to cause no harm to the donors as Tianna reacts poorly to any who might bring such natural wonders to a premature end. Tianna will occasionally allow kindred to feed from the more mundane of the zoo's fauna, and sometimes it's visitors, in return for minor boons and favours.

Baron Tara has granted Tianna the area as her feeding ground, mainly because no-one else particularly wanted it, and partially as Tianna seems to be one of the rare Kindred within San Diego capable of navigating Tara's increasingly erratic moods.

Though many suspect that Tianna influences her Baron by use of disciplines, others point to the fact that she is highly empathetic and may simply just be better at reading her than the rest of the cities population.

San Diego Zoo. Given the amount of buildings, enclosures and rarely used storage areas, finding a place to sleep within would give her little trouble.

Temporary Residents
Anika Norton - 'Free' Ventrue
Temporary resident of San Diego
There are currently three temporary residents within the city. All arrived less than a month ago, but not at the same time.

Anika Norton, Alec Doherty and Jaime Bartlett each arrived separately but were allocated temporary feeding grounds in the poorer areas of the city which were within a few blocks of one another. They have therefore pooled their resources in order to make unlife a little easier for them.

Anika is a 'Free' Ventrue, with the usual tale of one seeking a path were age and heritage are less of a factor and where one is judged as an individual. Alec and Jaime are Brujah who left the Camarilla when the majority of their clan did, pushed out of their havens and domain by several new Banu Haqim arrivals.

Each has stated their intention to continue their journey to Los Angeles and they plan to travel together. Though they act as if they are equals, outside observers have commented that old habits die hard and that the pair of Brujah seem to look to the Ventrue for guidance. They are also showing no real signs of leaving, leading some to believe that perhaps they might petition Baron Tara for permanent residence.

With the reins of power within the city firmly in Tara's favour, a tight unit such as this could easily upset the balance if they were to pick a side other than that of the Baron.

Outside Threats
The Second Inquisition
The Second Inquisition is a name guaranteed to make any kindred in the modern nights pay attention.

Though they have yet to make their presence known in San Diego, some of the standard precautions they employ have already been noted. XScopes designed to detect kindred have apparently been recently installed in San Diego airport.

The Second Inquisition - Assault Team

In response, Baron Tara has declared the area to be completely off limits to kindred for both travel and feeding. She has made it clear that anyone breaking this rule will be executed by the cities Constable in order to ensure that no repeat offenses are possible. If one must meet their Final Death to ensure her safety, and that of her city of course, then she will do so without mercy.

Rumours of a new 'Special' unit based at San Diego Naval Base, that in many respects matches SI units seen in other cities, may turn out to simply be paranoia on behalf of some inhabitants.

The Sabbat
The Sabbat are seemingly focussed upon Los Angeles, rather than smaller domains such as San Diego, and there are currently no indications that this is likely to change. Of course, anything is possible.

I've used pictures of real people to represent some of the characters and art for others so in no particular order Michael Tomassio is Matt Bomer, Fiorenza Savona is Jamie Lee Curtis, Tara Kearney is Melissa Rauch, Cassie Rosales is Claudia Black, Absalom Hood is Jamie Dornan, Raphael 'Skinner' Hoffman is Richard Norton, Constance Carson is Dina Meyer, 'The Untamed' are some of the cast from 30 days of Night, Dr Moses Lyn is James Marsden, Justin Rush is Armie Hammer, Josef Moyer is Sterling K Brown, Sapphire Khan is Uzo Aduba, Tianna Bartlett is Paz de la Huerta and Anika Norton is Sarah Paulson.