Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. I am scheduling these posts again as I return overseas. This is the first of many Dreadnought reinforcements I bought from Goddenzilla at Kaiju Country blog, at the link I now have the honour of matching 18 of these to my current Relictors Battle Company, mainly all the Castraferrum types - (the square boxy ones, rather sadly now OOP, so this can be my ode to them). This one is an ancient METAL dreadnought with plastic arms. It weighs a ton, haha.
Here he is in the new livery of my Relictors 4th Company.
Here he was just before the re-dedication, in Goddenzilla's Relictors livery.
The main changes were the base colours, to match my extensive forces. I also brightened the panels with some Codex Grey, highlights of Administratum Grey and the muzzle brakes of bone colour. I also re-did the lenses, brightening them up, did the front armour plate details with my usual golds and red internal glass. The Battle Company I have have skull motifs on the front facings, made from a lot of WFB Shield Bosses, I still have a number of these to further link this into my forces. I mounted this on a black panel to match my other Dreadnoughts.

The 4th Company have a lot less Dreadnoughts than my extensive 5th Company, so denoted by the large 4 set on a green stripe this one joins the ranks for the 4th Company Relictors ever growing Battle Company.
The change of the base to my usual Calthan Browm (like Mournfang) goes a long way to matching it into my forces, I also highlighted the metals with Iron Hands Steel to further brighten the scheme to match mine. Thanks to Goddenzilla for the opportunity to grow my Battle Companies further, his scheme is a great hand-up to apply my touches to.
Here is the newest Dreadnought compared to my first Dreadnought in 2008.

Cheers, Siph (5pts)