Today I have another table that I built for my gaming group, Didcot Wargames Club. This was once more using ttcombat terrain, as well as some scratch built pieces to match up with a Necron-themed gaming mat from Frontline Gaming. 

The majority of this board was pieces from the ttcombat Cyber range, which is a necron-style mdf terrain set. 

For the main ruins, I used a Cyber Relay Hub that was cut in half to form two ruins per set. These were mounted on 5 mm plasticard. I then added some plasticard decoration to match the gaming mat, and added some GW Necron pieces from the kill team set for decoration. 

These were then undercoated black and given a drybrush with sap green acrylic paint. I then edge highlighted with white paint. I then went over the white with fluorescent green paint from Green stuff world. I bought a bunch of fluorescent green paints, but this one showed up the best on the terrain. 

I used the Pylon terrain pieces to act as woods on the board. I made a plasticard base, cut and decorated to match the gaming mat.

I also scratch built a larger corner ruin using obelisks and plasticard to make the walls. I added some plasticard and GW pieces to decorate, before painting up to match the rest of the terrain.  

I really like how this board turned out, as it has a really visual draw once out on the table. I think this is one of the boards that was most complemented on at one of the recent tournaments that I held. 

If you have been enjoying the terrain pics, you can get your chance to play on them. I am hosting a two-day Grand Tournament in Oxfordshire later in the year. Oxford Onslaught 2 is the second GT event I will have hosted, and will be my first event with the 10th edition rules coming out soon. Alternatively, I am also taking on terrain commissions to build similar boards.