Another terrain showcase, this time using a desert-themed board with mdf terrain. This once more uses the ttcombat Municipium terrain set. These are really good tournament sets that can be quickly painted up and themed to gaming mats. 

This table was a lot simpler than my previous efforts. It was simply undercoated in a sand colour and drybrushed in a muted yellow and cream highlights. I then glued on some sand and grass tufts to finish the decorations. I added a few desert trees that I had made previously, and it was good to go! 

If you have been enjoying the terrain pics, you can get your chance to play on them. I am hosting a two-day Grand Tournament in Oxfordshire later in the year. Oxford Onslaught 2 is the second GT event I will have hosted, and will be my first event with the 10th edition rules coming out soon. Alternatively, I am also taking on terrain commissions to build similar boards.