This latest table is my second jungle board that I have made. The first was made using GW ruins and painted a lighter colour. 

For the second one, I wanted to go with a different style and a darker tone for the buildings and board to match the darker gaming mat. This mat was from pwork wargames. 

I painted up these ruins with the same dark grey primer that I have used previously. This was then followed by a lighter grey highlight, then adding some grime patches, along with some green and brown patches for the jungle encroaching on the buildings. 

I then added some plastic fern leaves and shrubs that were glued onto the building. For these ones, I added some creeping vines across the terrain pieces. Rather than glue these on directly, I drilled some holes in the mdf and attached them using some green garden twine. I figured this would be more secure than gluing them, as the rigours of regular gaming would easily rip the vines off. 

I actually stumbled across the vines and ferns in a hobby store on holiday in Berlin. I picked up a few packs, but kind of wish I had picked up some more. I haven't been able to find a good equivalent here in the UK to use in future sets. 

I didn't make these boards as "busy" as the previous jungle ones, as it needed to be a bit clearer for competitive tournament play. 

If you have been enjoying the terrain pics, you can get your chance to play on them. I am hosting a two-day Grand Tournament in Oxfordshire later in the year. Oxford Onslaught 2 is the second GT event I will have hosted, and will be my first event with the 10th edition rules coming out soon. Alternatively, I am also taking on terrain commissions to build similar boards.