Another week, another terrain showcase. This time, my most recently completed board, a Tyranid Infestation board. 

This once more uses the ttcombat tournament set with some added pieces to help it match with the gaming mat. This mat is the Xenos jungle one from Deepcut Studios. 

Once the buildings were built and painted using my standard method, I added some of the alien growth sections. These were made using soft modelling compound, with the pattern made using Green Stuff World Alien Hive roller. Once the modelling compound had dried, I glued it onto the buildings and used some filler to join it to the building. Once dried, I could paint it purple to match the gaming mat. 

I added some poly fibre tufts and covered them in some purple coarse scatter to add to the alien vegetation theme.  

For the "forests", I used some Alien Tentacles to act as the trees. These were added to an mdf base that had some of the alien growth added, and a spawning pool painted in the middle. 

I also added some alien spore objectives for scatter decoration. 

This board is a lot brighter than the ones that I normally make. I really like the bright colour and the contrast of the purple, blue and green. 

If you have been enjoying the terrain pics, you can get your chance to play on them. I am hosting a two-day Grand Tournament in Oxfordshire later in the year. Oxford Onslaught 2 is the second GT event I will have hosted, and will be my first event with the 10th edition rules coming out soon. Alternatively, I am also taking on terrain commissions to build similar boards.