Thunder Road: Vendetta is Restoration's games re-do and expansion of Milton Bradley's 1986 Mad Max inspired board game, Thunder Road. It was one of those game I had wanted, but didn't get. 

What's not to love? Quick playing, rules light, post-apocalypse car mayhem. Now many (many) years later this new and improved version is here!

If you passed on the Kickstarter Maximum Chrome version the expansions are being released separately. This will be helpful as you will be able to pick and choose what you want.

That being said...the Maximum Chrome box is one of the best Kickerster boxes ever!

Many Kickstarter games are very good, but the vast majority of them pile on cool stretch goals, which is great...but no thought was given how to store them. I have a number of games that have a plastic bin or box full of the expansion/cool bits that have to somehow stay close to the boxed game and still fit on the shelf. First world gamer problems, I know, but still annoying. 

Restorations Games (second try at the) Kickstarter campaign was well thought out and the finished version is a masterpiece of game storage design. The base game and all the expansions/upgrades fit into its own custom space in a vacuum formed tray. 

The game itself is a lot of fun. Straightforward rules, lots of action, with a quick play time. We have played the base game a few times, now we shall start adding some of the expansions. Higly recommended. 

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