I wasn't kidding when I said the new Leviathan box set has a mountain of plastic in it. 72 brand new sculpts. All push fit. 

All have great detail, (mostly) easy to assemble, and a great value if you want all of them in your army.
The only figures I'm not fan of is the Neruogunts, they are an odd unit. Maybe with some play I'll figure out if they are useful. 

I would have also would have like to have 10 Sternguard instead of 5, but I'm sure a full box set will be coming out soon-ish. 

Which brings up a great point Some, if not most of these models will get a "proper" release with more options in the near future, so maybe you didn't "need" the giant box set? I mean, I did, but everyone is different. Now to figure out what chapter the Marines will be painted as.

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