Bless me #WarHamFam for I have sinned, it's been 7 months since my last confession! But I've been so busy I've not needed to take stock, nor fit in blogging about it but I thought I'd best chare where I'm at.

OK, so my son is back from uni and in the space of 2 or 3 weeks my hobby efforts have been significantly curtailed. I had time to do a lot of building of the Tyranids from Leviathan when it was released but painting has taken a serious nosedive.

However, I had quite the backlog of hobby progress that I haven't yet shared on the blog, not to mention a couple of non-battle reports. But again, time is short. Trying to hobby and blogging about hobby is a difficult choice. Hobby takes precedence but then down the line I start to feel guilty because I haven't shared what I've done, not guilty about you the precious reader, just guilty I haven't recorded it for posterity. Then guilty that I have a growing backlog and with the end of the Hobby Season just 2 months away I need to try and fit in all my unrecorded progress in the rapidly decreasing time available. Not to mention prepare everything for next season.

But, I am enjoying spending time with my son, we're currently going through Aussie comedy Rosehaven, which I adore and wish it was more widely available here in the UK. On top of that we're doing more things as a family, because he's now home, which is great. And, of course, there's gaming time at Otty's shed. So fitting in the:
  • 16 terminators, 
  • 4 Thermic Plasma Conduits, 
  • 3 Treemen, 
  • Armies On Parade Blood Bowl board, and 
  • basing and priming all my Leviathan nids is somewhat challenging. 
Lastly, it's my wife's birthday this month and I have the family birthday cards to design and print. I'd say I'm halfway through but even so there'll be a night or two where I have to put away the hobby to create these things. Hopefully I'll find time to get things done. I may not complete 5 things listed above but that's OK, so long as I find time to get most of my WiPs and TO DONES! on the blog I'll be happy.  I'll leave this for now so I cam try and fit in another blog post.