Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #BuildingWarhammer for #New40k A few weeks ago now but I still need to record it. I was lucky enough to get my copy from The Outpost. They'd tried to mitigate all the availability issues with an option to 'register interest', but last minute they were only getting a third or two thirds so everyone went in a raffle and I got mine. Liam didn't so spent the entire morning scrabbling around but ended up with two. Meanwhile, I struggled to pay for mine while I was out at a LEGO convention but it was all good in the end and here we are.

Unnecessary unboxing as there are plenty of more exciting channels who've done this for weeks.

New box smell - just imagine.

Moar plastic.

Yet moar plastic.

And even MOAR plastic.


Rules and instruction manual.

Bases and cards.

So I immediately got to making the Ballistus dreadnought, no idea why but he was so big and easy to put together.

Psychophage next.

Then the Screamer Killer and despite my original thoughts his legs were too uniformly thick and could do with more definition I really wanted a second one to repose.

Nuerotyrant and Neuroloids

Winged Tyranid Warrior Prime.

Barbgaunts - because their rules look great, even if the model is a bit odd looking.

Von Ryan's Leapers.

Leaping off the back foot, for which I approve - so much more dynamic. Hopefully the rumoured Genestealers follow suit.

And my afternoon's efforts.

Which I thin part built this guy too. May magnetise and add some more Dark Angel bling.

I managed to pick up a second Screamer Killer on ebay for just £16 - that's cheaper than the standard Carnifex. I may never use both but wanted to play around. 

Removed the tactical rock, but added in a flatter one so his back leg wasn't cocked too high on another tactical rock.

Swapped the talon arms round so it definitely has a different silhouette.

Added a monstrous Adrenal Gland on its back and will add a few more Termagant sized ones elsewhere.

Also, the Carnifex upgrade bits for head blades and crests fit perfectly and a slightly longer Carnifex tongue helps to differentiate.

I've also built all the Termagants and Neurogaunts, just haven't taken pics - will do when they're all based.