WIP shot of the Rippers.

Once I got past the repair steps from last time I moved onto trying to get these things painted. 

First thing was to get their bases painted up. I did choose to add a skull to each base to indicate which squad brood that they are.  I thought that this could be a neat way to keep track of them during games. 

You might notice that there is an additional (fourth) base. This is because I plan to add at least three more Ripper bases to to this group. One such brood is a set of the 2nd edition era Rippers that GW put out in Finecast a few years ago. I was baffled at the time as to why they did this, but when I saw them at a local store I couldn't resist the variety that adding them to my  collection would bring. 

The joy of Finecast. 

But that's for another time, for now I wanted to get these thing s finished. I used the same steps and colors that I used on the Termagants. 


And here they are, finished. 

So far I am pleased. I adore these models, something about them remind me of the horseshoe crabs that I used to see on the beach when I was a kid in Delaware. Anyway, hopefully I can get them onto a table top sooner than later and see how well they work in game as both wound counters and as annoying units for tying up enemy troops.  They probably get ovetwatched by flamers, but the ambition is there.