Hello one and all, another week sees further additions to the Deathwatch force. This weeks offerings is a 5 man squad of Assault Intercessors Primaris Marines, also 4 Servitors for the force.
The Assault Primaris were made utilising the Intercessors as the base model, with the addition of various weapons from the bit box. The serg has a Powerfist from the SW kit, and the others with chainswords from other kits. Pistols were taken from my Primaris spares. This are designed to be a little more static than the current Assault Primaris, to look right with a Primaris Kill team. 

The scheme is exactly the same as previous Deathwatch marines.

 The Servitors have got either an orange base, for the tech servitor, or a red base for the weapons ones, so that they stand out on the battle field. Skin tones were designed to be more greyscales to show the age of the previous human. 

Thanks for popping by! LH (9pts)