Star Wars Shatterpoint came out June 2023, and after seeing the rules, a few playthroughs on YouTube, and some of the minis I knew I had to get into this game.

I played two practice games. And once I saw the Star Wars Shatterpoint Summer Showdown at Mythic Games posted online I knew I wanted to go to the first local tournament. I’ll get to know a new group of guys, learn something about Star Wars, and have a trial by fire as I learn the game in a competitive setting.

I decided to start by building and painting the good guys in the starter box. My strike team for this event was:

Anakin, Captain Rex, 501st Clone Troopers + Ahsoka, Bo-Katan, Clan Kryze Mandalorians

And my goal for this event is to have fun, learn how to play the game, and also learn what models and play styles I might enjoy to help decide which boxes to pick up.

Game 1 against Adarian

His strike team:

General Grievous, Kalani, Magna Guard + Count Dooku, Kraken, & B1 Battle Droids


Game 1 Deployment


  1. 1st struggle: Steal the Secret Plans
  2. 2nd struggle: We’ve been double crossed (I won)
  3. 3rd struggle: Hack the security network


  • Separatists have so much free movement!
  • Dooku is really powerful. He downed both my Mandalorians and Clones in one attack. ☠
  • Anakin is great. I saved him to fight Grevious and he took him out right before he went 🏋️‍♂️
  • The second Struggle was only 3 activations. 2 for me and 1 for my opponent.
  • We did play one rule wrong. Some units let another character attack. When that happens you can’t use the free ability result in your combat trees. Only the active character can use the free ability. 💡 We had Kalani and Kraken activate each other in a daisy chain which isn’t possible. I’ll remember this for next time!

Game 2 against JesseButz

His strike team:

Dark Vader, Captain Rex, 501st Clone Troopers + Grand Inquisitor, Third Sister, and Fifth Brother


Game 2 Deployment


  1. 1st struggle: Locate the asset
  2. 2nd struggle: So much for the element of surprise (I won)
  3. 3rd struggle: Blast our way out


  • Darth Vader is excellent with Inquisitors. Being able to murder with Vader and heal an inquisitor on the other side of the board is very powerful
  • Vader with a Disarm is a sad Vader.
  • Fifth Brother is excellent to send to the center on round 1. With his tie-breaker rule he is advantaged to win the center. He gave me a lot of trouble.
  • I drew a Shatterpoint first activation and spent a force to draw a new card and reshuffle the Shatterpoint.
    • Next activation I redraw the Shatterpoint. I decide to use it on Rex to avoid wasting more force.
    • Takeaway: have a plan for your Striketeam if you draw a Shatterpoint first activation of the game.

Game 3 against BroKatan

His strike team:

Grand Inquisitor, Third Sister, Fifth Brother + Ahsoka, Gar Saxon, and Mandalorian Super Commandos


Game 3 Deployment


  1. First Struggle: Recon Enemy Positions (I won)
  2. Second Struggle: We’ve Been Double Crossed (I won)


  • My opponent moved his super commandos to the center but didn’t claim the objective. They became target practice for my force.
  • I rolled a little low for Anakin and the Grand Inquisitor lived! First person to survive Anakin.
  • The inquisitors were deployed towards one table side and they struggled to get into position. It seems like it’s usually a good idea to deploy between the midpoint and the side objectives.

How I liked my team

My team was from the core box: Anakin, Ahsoka, etc.

I’m wrapping up a big MCP hobby project which slowed me down. I’m going to try to paint at least the good guys from the core box before buying additional boxes.

Eventually I’m going to pick up some bounty hunters. But I’m happy to learn how to play the game with Anakin and Ahsoka.

So far I like Anakin. He seems good for taking out primaries and secondaries. You do need to save 3 force for his activation though.


Overall I had a blast. I’ve had a lot of experience with 40k and MCP in the last 3 years. Shatterpoint is very easy to start. All of the complexity is in the actual game. Not in the pre-game where you build your roster. That’s really nice because you start on the same footing as your opponent. You can’t forget to bring las cannons and then fight against an Imperial Knight army (nerdy 40k reference) and just give up.

Shatterpoint also focuses on responding to the board state. MCP scores at the end of the round. This game scores every turn! So you can’t scoot onto points end of the round. You need to be on points as much as possible. And since you don’t know exactly where the objectives will pop up, and which characters will activate, you need to be responsive and take advantage of high mobility units and displacement.

My Plans for Collecting Shatterpoint

With MCP I’ve been collecting whatever minis I want at the time. That’s made for a very haphazard collection. I want to be more thoughtful with my Shatterpoint collection.

I love bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe so I’m planning on trying to avoid Clone Wars Jedi + Clones and Separatists (for now)

The first pack I’m planning on buying is Fistful of Credits which includes Cad Bane, Aura Sing, an alien, and Cad Bane’s droid Toto. I’m also going to pick up Ewoks because I have some awesome Endor terrain.

That’s most of what I have planned for now. I’ll probably also pick up Din Djarin (The Mandalorian) once we know a little more. Overall I’m just excited this game exists and seems really great.

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