Hello One and All,

I shared a WIP pic of this model a while ago, now complete and ready to share. 

The fluff behind 'Vulkan'

The Deathwatch Captain walked across the battlefield, seeing that the Deathwatch had elimatated the threat. He spotted movement by the river of lava. He walked over, bolter ready, to his surprise he found a small infant, inside the skull of a beast. The Watch Captain felt an aura around the Child, skin coal black, eyes a burning red - he wanted to kneel before this child, but had no idea why. He picked the child up and took him to the waiting Thunderhawk, looking at the child again, he spotted a huge scar across his skull, which looked both old, but also unhealed... 'Who are you...?' he thought...

The moment I saw the AoS Lord Commander Bastian Caththalos, I knew I wanted to use it for my Deathwatch force (as well as another project..) Looking at the face I thought he looked similar to an older Vulkan of the Salamanders. I really liked the idea that Vulkan had been rebourne - with him being a perpetual, after the battle with the Beast, however during the battle Vulkan had been injured in such a way that prevented his memories returning, and him growing into his full potential until all the Salamander relics are located by Vulkan He'stan. Thus, Vulkan became part of the  Deathwatch with no knowledege of who he really is.

The model has had a number of additons and alterations. 

The left arm has had the addition of an  underslung Inferno Pistol to it. I used a melta spare from the centurions kit. I also added some pipes and cables made from Green Stuff.

I've weapon swaped the previous 'warhammer' with a Heavy Deathwatch one, firstly Vulkan needs a larger Hammer, but also that the hammer size does not look overly big for the model.
The rear of the model has had a firstborne marine backpack added, whcih has been converted to sit nicely to the back of the model. The model has also had the 'halo' of the Bastian model added.

The front of the model has had a new of marine detals added to make him more 'Marine' and less 'AoS'

 Game terms, I would look to use the Guilliman rules for him, or potential look to house rules him. The other option could be to call him an Inquisitor Lord working with the Deathwatch.


Thanks for stopping by! LH (10pts)