Hello All!

This weeks offerings are a squad and a character for the growing Deathwatch force.

Up first is a Black Templers characters, modified to be a Deathwatch marine. I feel he could act as either a Captain or a Chaplain in battle. The left arm has been cut, and modified to have the Deathwatch symbol, and then painted up with the normal DW scheme.
Following this is an 11 (I know, it should be 10, but...) Marine squad, comprising 5 Heavy Intercessors, and a 6 man Eradicator squad, to be used as a 10 man kill team, swapping out the Melta weapons depending on requirements. All have had Deathwatch shoulder pads added - 3 of these are from the Indomitus box, thus needing a lot of chopping to make it fit, as well as 3D printed Chapter right pauldrons.

Happy with the look of these! The Deathwatch force is growing sizable now. LH (21pts)