Hello one and all,

This week I've started working on my 3rd (of 4) Warhounds, potentially with the long term plan to run 2 squadrons of 3 Warhounds at Titan Owner Club Walks.
The main part of the build is complete, with the skeleton of the titan done, pinned and secured together. I've opted for a static pose. The pelvis/torso has had magnets added. I've added pins to all the leg joins to support the Titan, as well as the head - as I've had one or two issues with the first two resulting in the head falling off due to transit.
The weapons for the Hound is exciting! I've printed options for the Titan, with the Volkite Eradicator and Ursus Claw for some serious close firepower. I will have the same load out for Warhound 4. These have been printed using my Anycubic Phantom, the Claw as several parts with the additions of supports for the print. I am really happy with how these look, hopefully more progress soon!

I've also worked on options for a Conversion Beamer and Warhound Melta Cannon, below is the Conversion Beamer. I've used 2 different files, and then spliced them up to allow the construction of it. Pretty happy with it!
Thanks for stopping by! LH