Gotta have a leader right?

Thermistorix Rob  

This model came with the collection of Adeptus Mechanicus that Da Masta Cheef gave me for my birthday.  Having a day to stay at home to prep for a medical produce (hail Nurgle!) and no immediate art assignments on my docket, I decided to work on some miniatures. And this guy volunteered himself for the honor. He was pre-assembled and primed, but, thankfully, not attached to his base. 

And despite how he might appear in these pics, he is very much still unattached. This made it easier to get to those places on the model that he's hunched over. 

All-in-all I found this model to be an absolute, and surprising, joy to paint. I mostly used the same steps that I employed on Vox Prime Skitarii Rangers.  

The exposed arm,  probably the last bit of meat on this guy, was painted using Coelia Greenshade over Corax White with a highlight  of Death Guard Green.  I was quite pleased with how that turned out.

The plasma coil was painted using a new technique I decided to try. I painted the coild white then I applied Ultramarines Blue Contrast Paint over it. A subtle layer of Caledor Blue and slight highlight of white and it was done. 

There isn't a whole lot more to really say so I've  let the pictures do most of the talking.  I decided to name after Rob, the model's original owner. He runs a restaurant and over the decades that I have known him he's had issues with the walk-in freezer.  I searched on Google for a list of freezer parts and thought thermistor looked like a cool base for a name. Thus the christening* of Thermistorix Rob! I look forward to getting him in the Rogues Gallery once he's earned his place. 

*or is it Omnissiahening?