Hello Titanseers, thanks for dropping by. More progress on the 4th Warlord, okay as this is going to be finished way before number 3... The amazing Drake Seta at Battle Bunnies blog and co-founder of Titan Owners Club designed me another set of banners for Warlord 3 and 4. So, Raptor Astra now has a banner bearing its proud name. The pole was brass rod, the banner is printed on paper and sealed with watered PVA, then a chain was attached to the bar.
The chain is steel so magnetic and attached to the groin of the Warlord using two small magnets. The banner was bent into shape and applied PVA glue to seal in shape like the billowing wind.
Here's the magnets, just 2mm x 2mm is sufficient, and easy to remove the banner during transport.
Here is the banner in place inbetween the legs. A great addition to the Titan. Thanks Drake Seta! The Rites of Colour continue for "Raptor Astra" Warlord Titan no.258.

A useful link to the whole Titan Construction process can be found HERE.

Cheers, Princeps Siph.