Freshly assembled. 

My brother's birthday was back in August, and all he asked for from me was a painted Terminator Librarian painted in Ultramarines colors. Long-time readers might recall that he passed his old Ultramarines army to me about ten years ago. This was his primary army back when we played together (1st thru 3rd editions of WH40k).  Having a cool model to display in his office was something that he's wanted for a while now. 

Gritted up and Prined. 

And his most successful hero from that time had to be his Chief Librarian in Terminator Armor. The model he used was the original plastic one that we got in the RTB16 Terminators and Tyranids boxed set. I was up to the challenge, and at the time the 10th edtion launch box, Leviathan, was still quite fresh from it's recent launch, so I was able to acquire the Terminator Librarian from eBay with relative ease. 

Base coat on the armor.

This model has got to be the best Terminator Librarian model ever. And I was a big fan of some of the older versions. But painting those runic recesses with psychicly charged energy was immediately intimidating. I stalled myself by deciding that I needed to freshen up my Ultramarines paint scheme, this is why I pushed my Assault Intercessors up in the queue. During this time I found an inspiring tutorial on how to do the pychicly charged runes on the Terminator armor. I have seen a lot tutorials that used inks that seemed to flow off of the brush into the grooves of whatever model they were working on. They made it look easy. So much so that I figured I would give it a shot myself. I figured I would this model, using that technique  as I didn't see many other alternatives that I liked. 

Real white ink. 

I had some white ink in my art supplies that I use for my 2-D B/W art that thought might do the trick. This stuff was a bit thick so I added a dot of water to my mix to get the flow I wanted, but not so thin so as to undermine it's opaque nature.

White ink applied.

And that's as far as I have gotten with him. As I waited for the ink to dry, other matters called me to attention. But I wanted to share some sort of progress with you all, so here it is. My goal is to try to get this guy done by Christmas but it's feeling unrealistic.  Maybe by New Year''s Day so he can make the 2023 year-end review? We'll see...